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Sugar Sweet! 2

Double Fine, Tim Shaffer's company behind the titles Brütal Legend from 2009 and the overlooked classic Psychonauts from 2005, brings us with Costume Quest a charming and adorable RPG for XBLM and PSN. It's perhaps not the longest or most memorable downloadable titles out there, but it's certainly a perfectly fine first entry by the developer for the downloadable scene. And while this isn't directly a Shaffer development, but rather Double Fine's lead animator Tasha Harris pr...

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A Brief But Charming Quest 0

Costume Quest is the ultimate childhood fantasy. The ideas of monsters being real and people transforming into vicious creatures are ones that most of us have probably entertained as children, and thanks to Double Fine and THQ, this whimsical fantasy is finally coming to fruition. Luckily, Costume Quest hits the perfect balance of intuitive game play and nostalgic subject matter to make for an excellent weekend of gaming for anyone who still holds a fondness for ...

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Adorably Shallow 0

 Costume Quest is one of those games that gives a good first impression. It has a nicely defined, clean art style, reminiscient of Animal Crossing or Earthbound, a whimsical sense of humour and simple game mechanics. The main thrusts of the game are mild adventure style item hunts and RPG battling. In order to proceed further and rescue your sibling from the clutches of the monsters hell-bent on stealing candy from your town, you need to acquire new costumes. Many of them have abilities that can...

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D'you like getting your pantaloons charmed off? 4

Costume Quest is Double Fine's first foray into bite-sized gaming. It feels as though the developers took very tried-and-tested game mechanics, mixed them with a quaint but clichéd story and proceeded to dip the combination in a vat of charming, artistic goodness.   Yeah, it's pretty.  The first thing you notice as you begin the game is the art style.  Reminiscent of series such as Animal Crossing and the Penny Arcade, it features a somewhat “cartoonish” palette. The costumes worn by the ga...

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Too Sweet To Hate 0

 Adorable. There’s something to be said on what affect cuteness can have on one’s judgment, or on a person’s ability to see past the adorable outer layer – covered in glittered cardboard and face-paint – and look at what really makes something tick. But in the special case of Double Fine’s new Halloween-centric RPG, Costume Quest, I think charm actually outweighs substance. Big-eyed, unabashedly charming characters and wonderful storytelling provide a needed reprieve from an all too unnecess...

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No one joined my real life Clothing Party... 0

If the picture above does nothing for you, then gladly, skip this post. I'm about to get ya'll "knowledged" up on some downloadable Clothing Party shenanigans.This is Costume Quest, from Double Fine, where you get to have the full Halloween experience. Like smashing pumpkins? Its in there. What about actually trick-or-treating? Yup, in there too. Alright, how about this; you like going door to door, or even walking around your cul-de-sac, looking for candy and then you get ambushed by monsters s...

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Short, but sweet treat 1

Costume  Quest is a delightful holiday themed RPG from Double Fine, the fine developers of Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. You start the game out getting ready to trick or treat with your twin sibling when all of a sudden your brother or sister gets kidnapped by monsters and its your job to rescue your twin.  You'll knock on doors, battle monsters in turn based battles, and gain new costumes as you progress through the story.  The game is graphically impressive for a download title, while roaming...

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Costume Quest made me want to be a Robot for Halloween 0

Halloween is a great theme for storytelling.  Of all the holidays, it's the most mystical, mysterious, and dangerous while remaining accessible to children.  Costume Quest uses the Halloween themes to its advantage and crafts a delightful story of a child searching for his or her lost sibling.  Helped by a lot of  fantastic writing, CQ ends up as an entry-level RPG that I think just about anybody could enjoy.The characters and dialog of Costume Quest are what make it unique.  Costume Quest's...

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Candy Corn Anyone? 0

It's good to see people getting really excited for Halloween in video games. The kids in Costume Quest feel like this is the most important holiday of them all. Even more important than some holiday that happens near the end of the year. These kids really want to trick-or-treat right. And who wouldn't?   Double Fine brings us a charming and lovable adventure of a boy, or girl, on a quest to save their sibling from danger on Halloween night or face the wrath of being gro...

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A series of good ideas ruined by an insultingly simple execution. 0

While there are several Christmas games available to gamers ( Daze Before Christmas, Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams, etc.), very few Halloween-themed games exist outside licensed games based on Halloween-themed material. Double Fine intended to rectify this when they released Costume Quest, a Halloween RPG available for the Xbox 360 and PS3. With this game, they have proved that it is possible to create a good game based on Halloween. Unfortunately, aiming to tailor the game for a younger audi...

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Gimme Something Good to Eat... Play 0

This little bit of self-indulgence was originally posted on my personal blog.  Check that out HERE if ya please.   What happened to Halloween? As a child, it was always one of my top holidays to look forward to, but at a certain age, there just isn't much to do with All Hallow's Eve anymore, that is at least nothing that really has to do with the spirit of it. You can certainly dress up and go to a party or go to one of those theme parks where people pay twice as much for a ticket in order to wa...

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Short But Sweet 0

Costume Quest, by Doublefine Productions, creators of the cult classic Psychonauts, led by fan-favorite developer Tim Schafer is an adorably earnest celebration of childhood imagination, centered around that holy grail of childhood, Halloween. Following a male-or-female main character (depending on who you choose) as they attempt to rescue their twin sibling from horrible monsters who are going around ransacking the town and stealing all the candy (and that's terrible) the game become an incredi...

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Charming but Forgettable 0

While Costume Quest will definitely reawaken fond childhood memories of Halloween and the thrill or trick-or-treating, it isn't a game you'll remember you played a couple of years from now (the trophies may serve as a reminder). The RPG-lite gameplay is intentionally kept at an extremely simplistic level. While this may help attract and appeal to a younger audience, I can speak from a child's perspective (given that my 4 year old son played this with me) in saying that it didn't really seem to w...

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Cute and fun little RPG with badass french fries 0

Costume Quest is a cute and charming little RPG from Double Fine, the creators of Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. It's not very long, but its gameplay and character make it fun and addictive like good RPGs should be.You play as one of two siblings, Wren or Reynold. It's Halloween night and they're getting ready to go trick-or-treating, but they have a bit of a fight like brothers and sisters tend to do. It turns out there are real monsters running amock in the neighborhood trying to steal and col...

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Truly the best time of year. 0

Costume Quest is a charming game for anyone, of any age. With it's fun story and addicting game play, Costume Quest became a quick favorite to play around Halloween. The battle system is great, consisting of simple QTE events and the awesome animations that go along with the different costumes special abilities, I couldn't help but actively seek out fights when I could. While it lacks in variety in terms of enemies, fights and areas, it makes up for with many other positive aspects. Seeing my ca...

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Childhood Dreams with Treats and Screams 0

 Think back when you were a young child on Halloween. Innocent and bright eyed, with imagination flowing from you’re gray matter like a uncontrollable waterfall, churning all kinds of thoughts of fear and excitement from the creeps and critters that “haunt” the streets at night on your endless quest for candy and other confectionary treats. You’re costumes, be it homemade or store bought, became the uniforms of the journey.This is the feeling that is present in Double Fine’s “Costume Quest,” an ...

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A great downtime game 0

I was in a slump and didn't really want to bother with the typical game that would make me think too much, whether due to intricate puzzles or combat that required me keeping my focus on just the game.  Enter Costume Quest.  I didn't expect much from the game, though I was enlightened to see it was made by Double Fine Productions.  A company I've come to know for some quirky yet quality games.  So, I took my usual place on the couch, controller in hand, and went in search for candy and costume p...

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Cute, funny, and harmless 0

 October 31 marks the true end of summer, called “Samhain” by ancient Celtic tribes, and is also the day when a doorway is supposedly thrown wide between the spirit and physical worlds. As is typical with ancient holidays, modern Western culture has buried the old traditions under piles of brightly colored packaging and commercial excess. But I’m not complaining. Any excuse to wear my Superman/Indiana Jones/Jedi costumes is cause for celebration in my opinion. And to help you get in the spirit ...

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Fun! 0

I played through Costume Quest last night in one sitting, 6 hours straight. I think that is the mark of a good game. The game mechanics got pretty repetitive after awhile and started reminding me of Assassin's Creed; trick or treat at house, trade card, get costume materials, fight boss, rinse and repeat. With that said the pacing of the story and unlocks was what held me on. Even if it meant trick or treating at 16/16 houses to progress and get that next "cooooool" costume moment, it was worth ...

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All Treats no Tricks! 0

         The game is a pretty typical RPG style game that takes place on Halloween Night.  Yes, ladies and gents, this whole game takes place in one night.  You go from sleepy suburbs to a Mall to a even sleepier little farming town.  The game does a REALLY good job of transition from one area to the next while allowing you to go back and get any quests or items you might have missed the first time.  This game is all about collection.  Collecting candy, cards, costumes, quests etc..  If you do...

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Candy-Coated Quest of Awesome 0

Costume Quest is the latest creation from developer Double Fine, makers of Psychonauts and  Brütal Legend. This adventure RPG is the first in a planned series of upcoming downloadable titles for XboxLive Arcade and Playstation Network as the studio shifts its focus toward smaller games with smaller budgets in lieu of disc-based retail outings. Set amidst the haunting glow of jack-o-lanterns on Halloween night, Costume Quest begins as brother and sister, Reynold & Wren, embark on their annual...

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The Best Kind of Do-Over 0

      Typical exploration screen. In more than just its old-school RPG gameplay, Costume Quest aims to harken back to the good old days. Trick-or-treating is a childhood tradition closely adhered to by its participants, however archaic it may be, because of the delicious reward of earning something, much like the RPG's of old. As someone who's both put the practice behind them and sometimes takes care of two nephews, watching dewy-eyed children run amok on Halloween night was genuinely heartwarm...

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One Word Review: Jocular 0

  Box Art Costume Quest hits you with fun from the first moment. The game continues forward almost lackadaisically, never trying to overload the player with too many choices. This makes the game something easy to best in just a night or two. The story is easy to follow. The game mechanics are easy to perform. The game in total is easy, but without any of the negative baggage that goes along with that word. The game’s gleefully colorful art style is reminiscent of Psychonauts, another Double Fin...

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From our sugar-addled youth... 0

 As I was doling out candy to the assorted door-to-door treasure hunters last Halloween, I began to wonder about today’s generation of costumed kids. Do they go through the same dilemmas we did? Do they argue amongst themselves on whether or not to “do both sides of the street”? Or get upset when they draw the courage to visit the really creepy looking house (with gravestones, scary music and a guy in the toy casket surprising visitors) only to get lollipops in return? Do classmates laugh...

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Dress for This Quest 0

  Costume Quest is kind of a trick-or-treat situation. The trick is that at it’s core, it’s little more than a stripped-down turn-based RPG in the same vein as any classic Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. The treat is that this gameplay is wrapped up in a charming and funny package that can be appreciated by both families with young kids as well as seasoned gamers. Costume Quest represents the best of DoubleFine Productions: humourous writing in a charming package and engaging play mechanics that ...

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Sugary Sweet, but is it a treat? 0

 Double Fine, the people that brought us Psychonauts and Brutal Legend, have released their first downloadable title, Costume Quest. This Halloween themed RPG is dripping with adorable, but is there a Tootsie Roll center of this Tootsie Pop? Let’s find out. From as soon as the title screen pops up, you know you are in for some fun. The trademark Double Fine style is all over the place. More Psychonauts than Brutal Legend, the characters have over-sized eyes and exagerated features....

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Another gem from Double Fine 0

Double Fine Productions (makers of Br ütal Legend, and Psychonauts) have created another masterpiece in their latest game, Costume Quest. Costume Quest is a deceptively simple game where you play Reynold, an eight year old boy who’s been tasked with keeping his younger sister, Wren, safe on Halloween in the new city they move into. Things, however, go awry very quickly when monsters invade the town, and start stealing all the candy. The monster’s aren’t too bright as they mistake Wren’s lemon-d...

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Costume Quest Review 0

                                                                                                                                                    Costume Quest Review Remember when you were a kid on Halloween? You got to go out late at night, get lots of candy, but more importantly, dress up in your favorite costume. This is but the basis of Costume Quest, one of the best Halloween games I’ve ever played. By the time you reach the end, you’ll be begging for just one more area to tri...

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It has it's charm but not sure its worth the price 0

So appropriate for the time, or perhaps it isn’t fall when you read this, Costume Quest sees the adventure of brother (or sister depending on who you select) trying to save their sibling from an evil witch bent on taking all of the Halloween candy for herself. She has an army of minions go to the houses and steal the candy from the occupants. As the main character, you must fight your way through 3 levels, collecting candy along the way to the epic climax where the fate of all of the children’s ...

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Way too casual for its own good. 0

Costume Quest is a feeble attempt for a Haloween themed casual game from Double Fine and it's just way too underdeveloped and simple in its every aspect to be anything worth remembering.   Story is simple. It's Halloween night and two siblings, Reynold and Wren, are asked by their mother to go out with their costumes and make new friends  by trick or treating, but one of the siblings( dpends on your choice ) is taken away by a monster and the other one must venture into an Halloween nightadventu...

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Costume Quest is a "little" game with the heart of a lion. 0

Costume Quest may be the greatest thing to happen to video games in a long time. After all, what good is a medium of entertainment if you don't have seasonal stories. You start out as either Wren or Reynold and get dumped out into the neighborhood wearing a robot costume with your candy-corn-costume wearing sibling in tow. The sibling you are not controlling then gets kidnapped and taken to be eaten by an evil overlord of candy named "Big Bones". This, needless to say, means that you'll be tryin...

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Nostalgia 0

Costume quest, gameplay-wise, is nothing new or special. In fact it becomes a little dull at time. What makes this gem shine is it's charm. The closing scene of this game happened almost word for word in my house nearly every halloween. I honestly began to tear up at the end. It's a great little game that brings back memories of childhood ...

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Double Fine's Latest Isn't A Trick 0

     As I played through the back-half of Double Fine’s latest, Costume Quest, the first in their new initiative to sell smaller, more focused titles, I couldn’t help but feel that Double Fine had finally found its place in the gaming world. For years now Double Fine has been at the forefront of blending humor, in the form of incredibly sharp writing, and imaginative worlds into games that were often lauded for their storytelling, but criticized for their gameplay. They’ve also been on many a li...

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