Got 1 extra key to giveaway

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You know the drill. I got an extra beta key so if you want it please leave a reply. All that I ask is that it goes to someone who actually wants it. If you're a die-hard Counter Strike fan and/or you know for a fact that this is your type of game and you'll waste tons of time on it then feel free to leave a reply. If you're not sure whether or not you'll be into the game and you're only interested in trying it out because it's something new than I respectfully ask that you do not throw your hat into the ring.

I'll check back later today and randomly draw a name and they'll get the key. Cheers!

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I'm interested in playing CSGO, and I'd be grateful for a key. I'm a longtime CS player, having first gotten into the game back during late Beta 6 and have put in over a thousand hours since. Admittedly, I haven't played it much in the last couple years (what with all of the other multiplayer games Valve's been putting out), but I'd really like to know how CSGO feels compared to the CS of old.

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I would like to have a beta key, since I have been playing CS:S since 2005 and I will definitely buy CS:GO when it launches.

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Would love to try out GO. Played a ton of Source back in the day

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I would love sex to give this sex game a sex sex go, I've been a big sex fan of CS for a good long sex while now. It just makes me cry that all the bigger boys are getting to taste the delicious new hype, and I ain't. It's a fucking crime I tell thee.


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im not gona try to impress u with some big thing about how im the number 1 countrstrike fan but let it be known that if you give the beta key to me then i will do all in my power to bring peace to the loved ones and babies

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I've been playing CS since 1.3. That's about 10 years, nearly half my life. A GO key would mean the world to me!

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I like me some counter-strike. So, i'm entering this random draw.

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K, mods can go ahead and lock/delete this. I've sent the winner a PM

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@FatalWulf said:


Apparently such a big fan that you can't read the thread and see that the giveaway ended 2 weeks ago...


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