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A great copy of a great game.

Look you know CS:GO. You met a long time ago in office lan parties, and ever since then you fallen into one of the two groups that go with it. Those who play CS and those that don't. I'm a fan of CS, seeing as how I spent hundreds of hours playing in highschool, most of which was on a 24/7 offices server with friends. This new CS packs all the fun and skill associated with CS into a much better looking and smoother package. The core gameplay hasn't changed, and that's for the better seeing as how I don't think there's much that needs changing here. So far the server finder has worked great, and I've played a lot in random servers with people that want to communicate and have a good time. Game modes are still the basic bomb or hostage scenario set to a single life cap, forcing accuracy and planning over run and gun tactics we're use to in games like CoD. It's that level of tension that makes CS:GO just as great as CS and from my time with this new game I'm glad to be back.

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