Counter Terrorist Unit

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    A Government Intellegnce Agency, the Counter Terrorist Unit, based in Los Angeles, portrayed in 24: the Game.

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    FBI, CIA, DEA. All of these are intelligence agencies with somewhat ambiguous names, but when you're entrusting your daily life to someone, you really want to know what it is they're doing.
    That's where CTU, the Counter Terrorist Unit comes in. First introduced in the television show 24, the Los Angeles based CTU is the workplace of federal agent Jack Bauer and went on to play a prominent role in 24: The Game.
    Boasting some of the most agile thinkers and loyal agents the United States Government has ever seen, CTU as the name suggests devotes itself to conducting plans with the intention of intercepting terrorists against the U.S. and halting all their plans. Pledging to fend off both those native and foreign threatening both the American Governments security and the safety of the normal American man trying to live out his life, Agents of CTU are expected to produce the best, and produce the best they do.
    However, CTU is not without a dark history of inside operatives revealing themselves as double agents, as is such the case with espionage both domestic and international. Many have died within the walls of the vast building and there are frequently fewer and fewer people who have no terrible story to tell. It is working for CTU that makes people strong, and gives them the chance to appreciate what they have, but in a heartbeat, their jobs can take all that and more away, and this building seems to echo that within the haunting corridors that fill it.


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