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    Cover Athlete

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    A real-life athlete who appears on the cover art of a sports game. Usually an up-and-coming star in the sport or a perennial fan favorite.

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    The Madden Curse

    For the last decade, instead of featuring John Madden on the cover, EA has chosen to display a top NFL player on the cover of their annual Madden game. Almost every year, though, the player featured on the cover of Madden unexpectedly experiences a decline in performance or play time, usually due to injury. Notable players who suffered from the curse include Dante Culpepper (knee injury, 2002), Marshall Faulk (ankle injury, 2003), Ray Lewis (hamstring injury, 2005), Donovan McNabb (sports hernia, 2006), Shaun Alexander (broken foot, 2007), and, of course, Michael Vick. Setting aside superstition, many analysts blame this trend on regression, the "bounce-back" that naturally occurs after a period of extraordinary success (or lack of success.)


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