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    Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released May 31, 2000

    Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn is a PlayStation game that puts you in the shoes of NATO Lt. Jack Morton--the sole survivor of a terrorist attack on an armored train: The Blue Harvest.

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    The gameplay in Covert Ops is similar to that found in Resident Evil, with the obvious difference being the games military theme. One of the primary complaints from reviewers was the claustrophobic environments and awkward camera angles due to the game taking place (almost entirely) on a train.


    In Eastern Europe, a terrorist group known as the "Knights of the Apocalypse" successfully breach security and board the NATO armored train, Blue Harvest, somewhere on the outskirts of St. Petersburg. Amongst those on board is the French Ambassador to Russia, Pierre Simon, his 45-year-old wife Catherine, and his 11-year-old daughter, Jane. Boris Zugoski, former KGB agent and leader of the terrorists, demands 20 billion US dollars and safe passage into France in exchange for the lives of the Simon family. The presence of a nuclear bomb on board the train also presents a great risk. A rescue team is dispatched to the location of the captured train with the hope that the hostages can be extracted.

    Lieutenant Jack Morton, a U.S. Air Force helicopter pilot, is a member of a multi-national NATO escort assigned to the Blue Harvest, and becomes the only NATO survivor who can mount an effective resistance. The assault consists of an ambush by four missile-armed helicopters that suddenly destroy the friendly air assets escorting the Blue Harvest out of Russia. The first stage of the assault is immediately followed by the detonation of at least one remote-controlled bomb planted on the train, and then by a boarding action with a well-equipped assault team of several dozen men carried by the four attacking helicopters -- which descend low enough that the assault team merely jumps, without using ropes. Lt. Morton, however, also manages to jump from his helicopter as it is being destroyed. Hanging from the side of the train, he conceals himself until the initial attack is over, then he sneaks inside the train without being seen. Upon radioing headquarters, he is briefed on the situation and is given his orders: to locate and protect the Ambassador and his family until help arrives. The game does feature some player decision making and multiple endings based on performance at various points through out the game.

    Chapter & Location Listing

    1. St. Petersburgh - Russia
    2. Novgorod - Russia
    3. Minsk - Belarus
    4. Warsaw / Lubland - Poland
    5. Poznan - Poland
    6. Berlin / Leipzig - Germany
    7. Stuttgart - Germany
    8. Zurich - Switzerland
    9. Geneva - Switzerland
    10. Lyon - France


    • Jack Morton - Main character, Jack Morton is a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force.
    • Christina Wayborn - Wayborn is in charge of the guards assigned to the French Ambassador.
    • Billy Macguire - French Army officer in charge of the Blue Harvest's radar system.
    • Pierre Simon - The French ambassador to Russia, performing the last duties for his job by riding on the Blue Harvest.
    • Catherine Simon & Jane Simon - The wife and daughter of French Ambassador Pierre Simon who are held captive with him on the Blue Harvest.
    • Philip Mason - The French Ambassador's secretary

    Villains & Bosses

    • Boris Zugoski - The primary villain in the game, Zugoski is the leader of the terrorist group known as "Knights of the Apocalypse"
    • Andrei Mikhalkov
    • Vincent Rossa
    • Nikita Andropov


    • Fists
    • Black Panther 9mm Handgun (Dual Wielding available)
    • M-75 Guardian 9mm Machine Gun
    • 50550 5.6mm Assault Rifle
    • Hand Grenades
    • Plastic Explosives

    Multiple Endings

    Covert Ops Nuclear Dawn features multiple endings for your character based not on your performance in the game, but decisions you make as well.


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