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    Cpl. Simone Cole

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    A member of the Jericho squad, Cole's abilities are based purely on her intellect.

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    Team Position



    Reality Hacker


    Simone Cole was diagnosed with mild autism at the age of 4. Refusing to accept that their daughter was different, her parents (Silicon Valley programmers) elected to have Cole homeschooled. She displayed a great aptitude for mathematics, logic, and physics. MIT had accepted Cole at the age of 14, she published a book on chaos mathematics at 19, and then was hired as a code breaker for the NSA before she could legally drink. AFter joining her assigned NSA unit, her commanding officer began noticing strange paranornal phenomenon, such as "missing time", mass hallucinations, and the random teleportation of personnel and equipment. This caused chaos with operations for months before she was found to be the source of all the trouble. The Department of Occult Warfare took notice and immediately had her transferred into active duty with Jericho. Cole now serves as Jericho's "reality hacker" to alter space and time to their benefit by using principles from Cabalistic mathematics and chaos theory.


    She does not like physical contact (prefers the company of animals), and keeps to herself. Her mild autism causes her to have obsessive-compulsive tendencies. Cole will methodically screen her gear and as a numerologist, she will check her weapons for favorable serial numbers. Cole is claustrophibic as well as nyctophobic. She has a brilliant memory, capable of memorizing pi up to 5,300 digits. Devin Ross has stated that when he speaks to Cole in her mind, she is quite eloquent and very outgoing.

    Combat Abilities

    Cole wears a harness with a computer that runs her Cabalistic program, built to her specifications by DOW Research and Development. Despite the computer's ability to withstand 13 foot drops and concussive blasts from 7 feet away, she swears like a sailor whenever it's jarred, specifically when flying through air turbulence. The computer comes with a HUD interface which is capable of detecting weak points in enemies. She is very protective of her equipment and favors low impact weaponry, particularly the X-86 submachinegun.

    Primary Weapon

    9mm X-86 submachine gun

    Secondary Weapon

    Concussion grenades with 4 different adjustments: impact, time, proximity or remotely triggered.

    Special Abilities

    Cole has neither psychic nor telekenetic abilities. Her gifts are purely based on her intellectual prowess, and when augmented with a wearable computer, gesture-based UI, and HUD interface, she can run Cabalistic and chaos mathematic sequences. This creates real time effects on the physical world where she can augment weapons' firepower, create temporal loops to where it appears she's slowing down time, and resupply ammunition.


    Simone is voiced by Michele specht.

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