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    Cpt. Devin Ross

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    Leader of Jericho Squad, Cpt. Ross is an accomplished war veteran as well as psychic healer. He leads his team to fight the Firstborn in the ancient city of Al-Khali. He's not about to let a little thing like getting killed stop him from protecting his troops.

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    Team Position

    Squad Leader




    Before being promoted into the Department of Occult Warfare, Captain Ross was an accomplished Army Ranger with several tours of both Afghanistan and Iraq. As a skeptic, he would be the first to tell you that paranormal and psychic phenomenons were a pile of bullshit - that is until his own paranormal abilities surfaced under fire during a failed Taliban safehouse raid. He was then transferred by the DOW to a Jericho team. Ross has the ability to heal others (but not himself) and is an ideal squad leader. Instinctively, Ross knows where to go; he can experience what others are feeling and when they are in need of backup.


    A skeptic to the end, Ross continues to believe that this is all bullshit. The things that he has done in his line of duty continue to cause him extreme guilt. Ross claims to be literally haunted by the memory of the accidental murder of a child.

    Combat Abilities

    Ross is a model soldier - he plays by the book and feels safer trusting the weapons he was trained to use. His weapon of choice is the PATRIOTEER assault rifle with a semiautomatic shotgun attachment for close quarters battle.

    Primary Weapon

    5.56 mm PATRIOTEER Assault Rifle

    Secondary Weapon

    12 gauge Light Support Shotgun

    Special Abilities

    With the assistance and training of the Department of Occult Warfare, Devin Ross has improved on his healing ability. He is capable of healing a downed teammate within visual contact. He barely believes in his own ability, but he doesn't complain seeing as it is useful for the mission and for the well-being of his teammates.

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