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    Cpt. Xavier Jones

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    Second in command of the Jericho squad. Jones is the team's seer. He is able to use astral projection, possess, and 'thread' his teammates other abilities.

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    Thanks to his anthropologist parents, Xavier Jones has lived in over 18 countries. He's been exposed
    to many cultures - from Inuit villages along the Bering Strait to Bedouin camps in the Sahara. These indigenous people became his surrogate siblings and extended family. Jones' gift of second sight and astral projection was discovered by an Aborigonal "clever man" who would later help him hone the skill. Jones collects and studies divination systems from every culture he's visted as a hobby, much of which he still carries on missions. He joined the intelligence community as an analyst immediately after graduating from Annapolis. His gift became evident when he predicted Russian submarine positions using only a map and pendulum, thus earning him the nickname "X-mark" (as in "x marks the spot"). The Department of Occult Warfare decided to recruit him into Jericho after discovering his parlor trick. Jones is second in command of Jericho, and is Devin Ross' right-hand man.


    Jones is well traveled and highly educated, speaking over 9 languages as well as 5 "dead ones". Since
    he's an intel guy, he is intimidated by his more combat-driven colleagues and worries that he won't get the respect of a soldier. He and Devin Ross are close friends.

    Combat Abilities

    Regardless of not having combat experience, Jones' usefulness comes from the fact that he's a walking
    encyclopedia of arcane knowledge. He is know to carry texts, journals, and maps in his BDU (battle dress uniform), as well as the tools of the trade of a seer. These include scrying and fortune-telling devices. Like Ross, he favors the PATRIOTEER assault rifle with a semiautomatic shotgun attachment.

    Primary Weapon

    5.56 mm PATRIOEER Assault Rifle

    Secondary Weapon

    12 gauge Light Support Shotgun

    Special Abilities

    As a seer, Jones is able to see brief, cryptic glimpses of past and future events. This ability also
    allows him to see paranormal phenomenon not visible to others. His ability to use astral projection makes him very useful as a scout.


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