First Impressions ?

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Has anyone played it? What's everyone think so far?

I've played a few hours. The world seems very empty. The lack of music is odd. The two narrator characters constantly chiming in is already annoying.

Also, for a game that has shown a lot of Terry Crews in its trailers, there's an incredibly small amount of dialogue for him so far. Aside from the opening cut scene he's been basically a silent protagonist. Just grunts and occasionally mumbling something about gravity.

I think the lock-on shooting works well with the movement, but I do wish there was more to the movement. It kinda feels like a bad Sunset Overdrive. I've only unlocked an air dash so maybe it picks up with the launch gadget and additional jumps/dashes.

I don't think the game is terrible, but it's just really, really plain so far.

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Reviews don't seem hot so far either.

I'd say I feel bad for Microsoft, but...I don't

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I watched a fair chunk of Tim Rodgers playing it for Kotaku yesterday. Obviously that won't really let me know how it feels to actually play, but everything I saw is what I want from a new Crackdown game. I like the look and the style, it's over the top, and mission design isn't too complicated beyond "Go here, fuck shit up."

Jeff said on Twitter a bit ago it was arounda 6 hour campaign which seems...fine? If it's not a super deep game, I don't need it padded out more than that. Let me use big loud weapons, jump super high, and collect orbs.

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It's odd that this game was this long in development and in terms of graphics and gameplay seems SO far behind everything else. It's almost like it just wasn't working out, but it's Crackdown and they would look bad if they never released it so here it is..

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@humanity: This is what development Hell does, Just remember Duke Nukem Forever, sure its not as bad this is an extreme comparison but, when it came out it did feel outdated because of the time it took to make the game.

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@humanity: This is what development Hell does, Just remember Duke Nukem Forever, sure its not as bad this is an extreme comparison but, when it came out it did feel outdated because of the time it took to make the game.

Thankfully I have GamePass so I won't mind just checking it out on that. Would have never actually paid full price for this.

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Huh. This seems like a game I would've been really into 10 or 11 years ago...but games have moved on a lot since and I don't know if I can bother giving this the time.

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@humanity: Yeah, I’m with ya. I LOVED Crackdown 1, and would really love to enjoy Crackdown 3...but it seems less than promising.

I keep reading single-player in reviews. I’m not even hearing much about co-op, which I think is critical in Crackdown.

Now I’m reading that the competitive mode won’t have private/party games at launch?

This game was sent to die...Still, I’ll try it and be completely

open-minded. I’d love to dig it.

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@humanity said:
@instinct666 said:

@humanity: This is what development Hell does, Just remember Duke Nukem Forever, sure its not as bad this is an extreme comparison but, when it came out it did feel outdated because of the time it took to make the game.

Thankfully I have GamePass so I won't mind just checking it out on that. Would have never actually paid full price for this.

It makes you wonder, what was this game before each delay?

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This looks like the Game Pass equivalent of a Netflix easy watch. I'll probably have fun with it!

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@fram said:

This looks like the Game Pass equivalent of a Netflix easy watch. I'll probably have fun with it!

I think this is a good description. I've been liking it the more I've played. It's a really good music/podcast game. There are definite rough edges, but the combat/movement have been fun.

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I am just wondering how many times they remade Crackdown 3 with this off a timeframe and very little to show it's just weird.

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I have been having a blast with it. It feels like a re-tuned Crackdown 1 which is not always bad thing especialy as someone who absolutely loved the first game. I think getting it as part of Game Pass and being on PC has soften the blow.

My problems with the game so far is:

  • Occasional random stuttering
  • Tthe default mouse sensitivity is real bad, had to turn it up to near max to be acceptable.
  • Game looks washed out
  • The lock-on system with a mouse threw me for a loop, but I'm getting used to it. I wish there was an option to disable it and have it be Zoom/ADS like option.

Will definitely be a game I play while listening to podcasts, GB Video content etc.

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I just got done playing 2 hours and change on Super Agent, it's an alright challenge. The progression feels really good. Platforming is great, maybe it's just the boost but I feel like I'm playing Crackdown 1 + Recore. I did one propaganda tower which was fun. It's great that one of the side activities is just platforming, besides rooftop races. Combat started okay and became way more fun with leveling up(and getting the Homing Rocket Launcher). I like the default agency vehicle and the agent ejecting himself from it like in Arkham Knight(which reminds me that the vehicle designs are not nearly as good).

Vehicles continue to not be as good as the first game. The default vehicle is fast and controls well but then when you level up and unlock the next vehicle ability, you hit left on the dpad and it just disappears and becomes another vehicle. The transforming vehicles were such a great way to feel the progression you were making and the fact that the first game is still the only one that seems to have it honestly makes me mad. Making a vehicle that can climb up walls is great but so far it hasn't factored into the gameplay besides getting some stunt rings.

Overall, I'm really happy with the game. Also, the orb placement complaint in the Quick Look is baffling me so far.

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Put a few hours into it today. As far as a throwback real simple checklist open world game it's pretty fun. From all the screens and previews it looked really bland and dated but when you're playing it I dunno it just seems cohesive in a way. By no way a great looking game but it seems to do well with what they were aiming for. The little intro movie is actually pretty fun.

As far as gameplay - yah it's alright. I mean as much as Dan loves to bring up any reason to shit on RDR2 these days (Dan will be Dan) I do agree that Crackdown 3 offers the most direct form of gameplay I've explained in a while. Everything is labeled, the controls are fairly snappy, there is no unnecessary fluff. You just go and do stuff with little to no mystery about what is going on. All upgrades are visible from the menu so you know exactly what you are working towards, all orbs and activities are labeled on the map showing you how much of what you've checked off on a list of collectibles for each district. If you wanted to play a game-ass-game then this is most certainly it.

As has been mentioned before, if you have a Game Pass then this is a real fun little diversion. Definitely scratches that itch for just collecting stuff while at the same time seeing tangible results for your troubles.

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This game reminds me so much of Agents of Mayhem, which is also on Games Pass btw. It's OK, Crackdown 3 really generates no strong reaction from me either way. Just a really bland game, however, I like it better than AoM.

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I enjoyed the short time it took me to finish it. It's not amazing obviously, but it's simple fun. However, if I somehow didn't get this through GamePass I would be wary to recommend it: it's definitely a game belonging to a previous time.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is also on GamePass and I would recommend that. It's Tomb Raider-arse Tomb Raider. If you need another shot of that--go crazy!

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@mylifeforaiur: For better and worse, these somewhat odd or middling Microsoft exclusives like Crackdown or Below are in fact a great commercial for GamePass in a backhanded sort of way. The way you describe it and others have - this was pretty fun on GamePass but I wouldn't recommend to pay full price for this product - is in it's own way a real good incentive to try out games you otherwise wouldn't bother pruchasing indivisually. Right now I'm anticipating several games coming out in the near months, like DMC5, Sekiro, Division 2 and off in the distance RAGE2. Not a whole lot of new stuff is coming out right now, or rather not a lot of stuff that I am interested in, but with GamePass I can guilt free just enjoy this sensless romp of Crackdown 3 without having spent $60 on it. I had bought a yearly subscription to GamePass for $60 on sale and up to this point finished roughly 5 games through it so I've gotten my moneys worth and then some.

That said, I really do wish that Microsoft exclusives started getting a little better because they haven't had a homerun, or honestly even a half decent showing in a long time. The service is there, but the games have been a no-show quite literally from the beginning of the generation.

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I very much enjoyed the game (on gamepass). Almost tempted to start a new city to max out all the skills, but I think i'll move on.

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@humanity: I was very skeptical of GamePass for the longest time but having bitten the bullet for the sake of playing Mutant: Year Zero (fucking awesome game btw), I can say that I still have the subscription 3 months later. I do agree that the exclusive offering is dire. Even if I don't count Microsoft Store dual releases, the offering is bare-bones--especially if you don't care for driving games like myself. Still, it has been nice to clean out some of the backlog thanks to the older games on the service.

Now imagine if Sony could do a GamePass service.

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I'm enjoying Crackdown 3 far more than I thought I would. Reminds me of a much improved OG Crackdown. I think the game looks great. The gameplay is a throwback but the progression feels awesome, and the game is really fun when playing with a buddy. Playing on GamePass, but I think $60 is a little high if you're thinking of buying it. I bet it goes down to a more appropriate $40 pretty soon.

As far as MS exclusives , I agree there haven't been enough high quality ones, but Gears 4, Halo 5, and Forza Motorsport 6, 7, and Forza Horizon's 3 and 4 were/are all great games this gen. And I anticipate Ninja Theory and Obsidian to add to that list in the near future.

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So...I dig it!

It’s kinda a throwback, not unlike Recore, so it’s a rare enough thing that it’s welcome.

It does feel like I’m leveling awfully quickly (assuming a cap of 5 on each skill), but whatever.

It’s not a game I’d recommend, but it’s one that I’m thoroughly enjoying as a orb collect-a-thon with some stunt jumps and combat here and there.

I feel NO desire to play co-op, oddly. Crackdown 1/2 were almost co-op required.

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I beat it! Solo on legendary.

I accidentally beat the final boss before I defeated one of her commanders (the robot guy). The narrator warned me a few times saying "I wasn't strong enough," but I thought he was talking about my orb levels. It made the robot section of the final tower really hard. I found a way of cheesing the final boss because I was dying immediately once the drop pods came in.

Flaws aside I liked it.

It definitely had that Sunset feeling of "stop moving and you die" which I really love. Weapon selection felt important depending on enemy type. I usually went with some mix of pulse beam (the best weapon I think), arc rifle, jackhammer, conqueror, prophecy and then some of the more niche weapons depending on scenario. I never switched out the health field gadget.

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I actually like the game too haha. It seems like this game FOR SURE needed more time, but also was so deep in that not even that was going to help anyway. They polished it as much as they could, for whatever that's worth. I think the consensus I keep hearing is "I had fun, but I guess I can't recommend it", which means we COULD recommend it.. but.. we don't exactly know why lol.

No one has mentioned wrecking zone, and people are SUPER down on it online, but I actually had a ton of fun in the mode. It's fast paced, dynamic, and has more depth than I expected (not to say it's DEEP, mind you). As a poor aimer, I appreciate that it's not about twitch shooting as much as platforming and positioning. Good timing, situational awareness, and a bit of luck turn a hectic mess into something slightly more tactical. Not having party support is a shame. But man, I can't help but think it would be interesting to watch an esport of this with a more tactical view of the battle to really appreciate the movement and scale. I quite liked the destruction, but nobody else agrees. Whatever :/

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I don't like it. I don't like how enemies have resistances to certain types of weaponry. That's a big nono for me in shooters. Good thing Game Pass exists. Jumping around only gives you so much defense when the enemies have hitscan weapons. I am playing on the second to hardest difficulty (the one above normal) and while it isn't frustrating, it's just meh. I can see this game saved by co-op, but I dunno.

I actually liked Crackdown 2 and thought that it was slightly better than the first game, but I played that co-op with my roommate back in the day. They should make it backwards compatible.

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I had fun, I dont know. I guess my standards were low? I expected another Crackdown game and thats what this is.

Then again i'm one of those people who would have been perfectly happy with another God of War game in the style of the first three. (or six counting the prequels/interquels)

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I forgot to cancel my Gamepass sub, so I beat the video game. Funny how that works out.

Anyway, it was fine. It's fiiiine! It was a good way to spend a few evenings and I even thought that it was occasionally really fun. It's at its best when you're got strength and agility powered up and are romping through smaller bases like a madman. It gets significantly less fun when they pile on aerial enemies and send in warping dudes and dudes with shields. Sometimes running around combat arenas can feel like getting stung from a billion mosquitoes because the enemies have pinpoint accuracy even when you're falling a thousand feet down the side of a building. It's really bad when there are a dozen aerial enemies hovering above you, floating in such a way that you can't turn the camera to get a fix on you. I died three times and they were all because a swarm of drones and dropships appeared out of nowhere and peppered me to death.

It was alright.

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