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Nazo no Kabe: Block Kuzushi ("Mystery of the Wall: Block Destruction") is a Breakout clone from Konami originally released for Nintendo's Famicom Disk System peripheral. It was later released in Europe and Australia as Crackout (a nominal reference to Breakout) but did not make the transition to the US.

The gameplay, much like every Breakout type game, involves directing a ball towards a series of destructible brick environments by using a paddle. Once all the destructible bricks are removed, the player proceeds to the next stage with a different layout of bricks to eliminate.

Though Breakout is their shared ancestor, Nazo no Kabe/Crackout actually has more in common with Taito's Arkanoid. Both feature enemies and power-ups, introduced with Arkanoid, and Crackout is graphically reminiscent of Arkanoid as well. Nazo no Kabe actually beat Arkanoid to its official Famicom release by about a week in Japan.

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