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Craig Boone was once a 1st Recon Sniper for the New California Republic, along with long time friend Manny Vargas. Though a private man, it seems that Boone has confided in Manny with many of the details of his past, as well as specifics of what happened during the Bitter Springs Massacre.

While on leave in New Vegas, Boone met Carla and was immediately drawn to her. He fell in love and upon retirement from the NCR, they married and settled down in Novac. Manny lives there as well and the two former soldiers share lookout duties, alternating shifts in the mouth of the giant dinosaur that stands near the edge of the town. Manny is there during daylight hours while Boone covers the evening and early morning shift.

An "upgraded" Boone

The courier first encounters a troubled Craig at Novac inside Dinky Dinosaur situated in the "snipers nest". When the Courier asks Boone what's wrong, he reveals that his wife has been kidnapped by a slaver organization known as Caesar's Legion. Boone believes that someone in the town was responsible for his wife's kidnapping. He asks the Courier to look around town and question the inhabitants of Novac about his wife's disappearance. Though he insists that he is certain his wife is dead already, Boone wants justice.

He tells the Courier that once the culprit is identified, they should be led in front of the Dinosaur during Boone's shift. He gives the Courier a red beret like the type worn by members of the First Recon Sniper Unit and instructs him or her to put it on when walking with the culprit, to serve as a signal. Once the Courier completes this quest, Boone becomes available as a companion.

Later in the game, if the player earns more of Boone's trust, he will reveal more information about his wife's disappearance, and the events at Bitter Springs. Boone's "loyalty mission" involves traveling to Bitter Springs so he can face his past and defend against attacking Legion troops who wish to enslave the refugees located there. Upon completion of the mission, Boone and the player gain a new perk and Boone gains a new set of NCR armor.


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