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    Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Jul 14, 2008

    Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart for the iPhone. Multiple levels, racers, powerups, and tilt control.

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    Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D is a racing game developed by Polarbit and published by Vivendi Games Mobile for iPhone, iPad, and N-Gage. The game was published by Activision Publishing with Tec Toy doing porting work for the Zeebo.


    In Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D players tilt to move, tap to jump, and tap to shoot.

    There are different locations on the screen to tap for different commands. A tutorial comes up straight away after the first time playing after purchasing explaining which locations to tap on the screen. The game accelerates automatically making it crucial to stay focused on turns. Throughout the games there are 'Boxes' that you can crash into. These boxes either contain the famous fruit from the franchise Wumpa Fruit, or the crate with the question mark giving you items to shoot or drop.

    The game is broken down into four different ways to play; Quick Race, Cup, Story or Time Trial. Quick races are just single races that don't affect stats or anything, Pure fun, Pure racing. Next you have the Cup Races which are just tournaments. There are three different cups each including four levels in each. After clearing all the Cups you go onto the story mode. This is just a simple back story for why you would be racing. It includes boss battles which are just racing with a specific opponent. After completing the story mode the final and last way of playing is unlocked. Time Trials, set records of specific races with people worldwide and see if you can be the fastest out there.


    The game consists of 6 playable different characters all seen in previous Crash Bandicoot games.

    Additional characters were added in an update to the iPhone version of the game in June 2010.


    Crash Bandicoot Racing 3D features 3 cups, consisting of 4 tracks each. Leaving racers with a total of 12 tracks to choose from. Even though the tracks are essentially remakes of tracks from Crash Tag Team Racing, they were give new, much more generic, names.

    N-Tropy Cup - Too Easy For Grandma

    • Egypt - Race among the Pharaohs
    • Solar - Around the Sun 'n back
    • Adventure - Adventuring
    • Fairy - Fairyland Trip

    Wumpa Cup - Difficulty is Rising

    • Adventure 2 - Adventuring
    • Egypt 2 - Race among the Pharaohs
    • Solar 2 - Around the Sun 'n back
    • Fairy 2 - Fairyland Trip

    Aku-Aku Cup

    • Egypt 3 - Race among the Pharaohs
    • Solar 3 - Around the Sun 'n back
    • Adventure 3 - Adventuring
    • Fairy 3 - Fairyland Trip


    • TNT Crate: A crate of explosives dropped behind the kart. Blasts anyone getting too close to your back.

    • Missile: Homing missile speeding along the track until it finds an unlucky target.

    • Speed Boost: Gives a short boost of super-speed when activated.

    • Tropy Clock: Stretches time and slows all opponents to a crawl while you zoom by.

    • Bomb: A bouncing bomb is fired forward from the kart.

    • Shield: Protects you from all hard, or at least for a short amount of time.

    • Kart Jacking: Switches place between you and the opponent placed directly ahead of you.

    • Cursed Candle: Puts out the lights for your opponents for a few seconds, leaving them driving in pitch darkness.

    • Aku-Aku: Gives you a boost of speed and enables you to send opponents flying when tackled.

    • Oilcan: Releases a drop of black, slippery oil that can send opponents spinning

    • Boost Pads: Drive over these rainbow colored pads to get an instant boost of speed.

    • Wumpa Fruit: Collect and keep up to 10 of these to get a speed boost. If you get blown up or crash, you will loose a few.

    • C.R.A.S.H. Letters: Found only in certain levels, these Letters when collected unlock a new character.


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