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Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled is a remake of Naughty Dog's hit PS1 kart racer. All the content of the original game was remade in addition to tracks from Crash Nitro Kart.

Playable racers

  1. Crash Bandicoot
  2. Coco Bandicoot
  3. Dr. Neo Cortex
  4. Tiny Tiger
  5. Penta Penguin (unlockable via cheat code)
  6. Dr. N. Gin
  7. Pura
  8. Polar
  9. Dingodile
  10. Ripper Roo (unlockable)
  11. Papu Papu (unlockable)
  12. Komodo Joe (unlockable)
  13. Pinstripe Potoroo (unlockable)
  14. Nitros Oxide (unlockable/Nitros Oxide Edition)
  15. Fake Crash (unlockable)
  16. Dr. N. Tropy (unlockable)
  17. Crunch Bandicoot (unlockable via Pit Stop/Nitros Oxide Edition)
  18. Zam (unlockable via Pit Stop/Nitros Oxide Edition)
  19. Zem (unlockable via Pit Stop/Nitros Oxide Edition)
  20. Krunk (unlockable via Pit Stop)
  21. Nash (unlockable via Pit Stop)
  22. N-Trance (unlockable via Pit Stop)
  23. Big Norm (unlockable via Pit Stop)
  24. Little Norm (unlockable via Pit Stop)
  25. Geary (unlockable via Pit Stop)
  26. Real Velo (unlockable via Pit Stop)
  27. Tawna (unlockable via Pit Stop)
  28. Liz (unlockable via Pit Stop)
  29. Isabella (unlockable via Pit Stop)
  30. Ami (unlockable via Pit Stop)
  31. Megumi (unlockable via Pit Stop)
  32. Baby Crash (unlockable via Pit Stop)
  33. Baby Coco (unlockable via Pit Stop)
  34. Baby T (unlockable via Pit Stop)
  35. Nina Cortex (unlockable via Pit Stop)
  36. Spyro (unlockable via Pit Stop)
  37. Gnasty Gnorc (unlockable via Pit Stop)
  38. Hunter (unlockable via Pit Stop)

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