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    Crash Time III

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Nov 25, 2009

    The third entry to the franchise known as 'Alarm für Cobra 11' in Germany.

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    For the first time in the franchise, Crash Time III (Highway Nights in Germany only) introduces a day and night cycle. There are 30 cases to complete, which unlock cars and race tracks for use against AI opponents or one local player. A demo was released in Europe in December 2009 on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Crash Time III is scheduled for release outside of Germany (but within Europe) on February 19, 2010.

    The game name is derived from the fact that it is the first in the series to contain a day and night cycle, meaning that it is the first game to have events occur at night. During the nighttime, car lights are turned on and other simple changes are made. The game was developed by Synetic, and released by RTL Playtainment.


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    The game story follows Ben Jaeger and Semir Gerkhan during a week of game time. It opens with police pursuing a black van along an airport runway, and detonating a passenger aircraft before it beings taxiing. The game then cuts back to seven days beforehand, and follows the two men during events that occur beforehand. A major conference is to be held in the city, and it appears that different groups are targeting the delegations who are arriving.


    A demo for the game was released on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace in Europe during December 2009. The demo is just over 500MB in size, and contains a small number of missions from the game. initially, you chase down a luxury sedan, referred to as the 'Liquidator 600', before other events occur. The demo closes with the words 'To be continued...'.


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