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Character Biography

Crash grew up around technology, and was purportedly a genius child hacker at the tech school he was enrolled in. His special set of skills quickly put him on the wrong side of the law, however. When he was 21, he was the hacker behind the infamous Starbase Systems Crash. This allegedly resulted in millions of lost credits from potential business transactions for the Trade Leagues. As part of his sentence, he was enlisted into the Interstellar Armed Forces to serve time.
In-game, Crash is exceptionally combat aware and can hold his own in a firefight. His bonus to the scanner ability will boost the range and frequency of the motion tracker, keeping everybody alert. Crash has a respectable damage bonus, but his reload speed stands out the most, with the extra speed making ammo clip devouring weapons such as the Precision Rail Rifle and  K80 PDW much more viable choices. Being a great hacker doesn't make him a great engineer though, and Vegas outshines him in the field. Crash is a good choice for players who want to play as a tech and still possess a reasonable combat affinity.

In-game Stats

Scanner 3/3 
Engineering 1/3 
Damage Bonus 3/5 
Reload Speed Bonus 4/5 
Explosives Bonus 2/5

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