Crayon Physics Deluxe now on Steam

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IGF 2008 winner Crayon Physics Deluxe is now available on Steam. Buy it now!
It costs $0.04 more than it does on the Crayon Physics Deluxe website though, so.... I don't know. Still, it looks like redownloading through Steam would be easier than whatever method they're using when you buy through the site. So take your pick.

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I played the demo and it's really polished but is the full game challenging?  I felt like I didn't have to think at all to beat the levels in the demo (first 2 islands).  
The game looks like it would be awesome if you have to draw huge mouse-traps but the demo's levels only required drawing 1-2 shapes to solve.

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The game is based on a cool concept, but I have one big problem with it. I always felt like I was breaking the game. Most levels generally try to point you in the direction of using a particular method to solve them, but there was almost always a far simpler "hack"-like method that would still complete it. It's really the same issue I had with Scribblenauts. A great concept but the level design and gameplay just don't work all that well.


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