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    Crescent Reach

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    Crescent Reach is the home of the Drakkin, an artificially created race of people that are infused with dragon blood.

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    Crescent Reach is the home of the artificially created race known as the Drakkin. It was constructed long ago inside the cliff face of a large crescent-shaped crevice just west of Blightfire Moors. Centuries ago it was the site of an Ogre city before their invasion of the Plane of Earth and the curse was laid upon Zek's children. Today, it is a fully functional city full of citizens, merchants, bankers, tradeskill stalls, and a slew of people offering quests. Just north of the city is a beautiful glade where the six dragons of the Circle of Crystalwing reside. They are responsible for the creation of the Drakkin, despite warnings against such an action by the elder dragons. A deep ravine also runs north beyond the populated part of town. The crevice contains various forms of wildlife that are great practice for fledgling Drakkin, but further along there is a tribe of undead Ogres known as The Nokk, who have been cursed to an eternity of minding their farms.


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