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One of the crest colors in the game, gold.
One of the crest colors in the game, gold.

Crests are collectible items that appeared in Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat. They come in 4 colors in the Gamecube version and only 1 in the Wii remake. In order to earn them, Donkey Kong must offer the total amount of bananas or beats to the Sacred Tree at the end of the kingdom. The amount of bananas or beats you earn will become the total number of crests he'll receive when you get there. For example: If Donkey Kong earned a grand total of 1,374 bananas in the Watermelon Kingdom, then he'll earn all 4 crests in the Gamecube version & 3 in the Wii remake. Here's how it scores in both versions:

Scoring (Gamecube Version)

  • Bronze: Get at least 400 beats and defeat the boss.
  • Silver: Get 400-799 beats.
  • Gold: Get 800-1,199 beats.
  • Platinum: Get 1,200 beats or more.

Scoring (Wii Version)

  • 1 Crest: Get 200-499 banana points.
  • 2 Crests: Get 500-999 banana points.
  • All 3 Crests: Get 1,000 banana points or more.

Here's a chart of the value of the crests in the Gamecube Version.

Crest ColorHow to get itValue
BronzeDefeat the boss0-400 beats
SilverDefeat the boss and have 400-799 beats400-799 beats
GoldDefeat the boss and have at least 800 beats or more.800-1,199 beats
PlatinumGet 1,200 beats or more and defeat the boss.1,200 beats or more

Crest Colors

Now let's take a look at the colors of the crest. In the Gamcube version, you will earn 4 of them in these colors: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Here are the colors:

  • Bronze - First up is the bronze crest. This one can be obtained if you defeat the boss. This crest proves to you that you can do better.
  • Silver - Next up is the silver. This one can be yours if your beat counter is between 400 and 799. This one means that you did good in the kingdom! The Wii version also gives you this crest color. If your banana counter reaches 200, 500, or 1,000, then it's ok to earn all 3.
  • Gold - This next one makes you solid. Get 800-1,199 beats and this crest color can be yours! This one is pure gold, baby!
  • Platinum - Now that you got all 3 crests, it's time to move on to the next stage. But, if you look up at the sky and if your beat counter reaches 1,200 or more, then you'll earn the final crest color. This one makes you a true ruler in the kingdom and the color is platinum. Get that one, too!

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