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    Crimson 09 is the antagonist of Revolution 60. A lingerie-wearing cyborg, Crimson has been driven insane by becoming self-aware.

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    Crimson 09 is the primary antagonist of Revolution 60, and is played by well-known anime actress Amanda Winn-Lee.

    Crimson 09's personality could be described as relentlessly frenetic and possibly insane. In social media, actress Amanda Winn-Lee has expressed delight in being typecast as a lingerie wearing cyborg.

    Project 60

    Crimson 09 was the designation of the ninth "Crimson" series robotic sentinel left on N313, the American orbital weapons platform that serves as the battleground of Revolution 60. She became self-aware, and escaped her hibernation sarcophagus. Upon escaping, Crimson 09 attacked several Snow Leopards that had infiltrated N313. She lies in wait for members of Chessboard to show up on N313.

    Crimson 09 is an AI shard. In order to better calculate probabilities, advanced AIs replicate themselves into different platforms, then check their conclusions against each other in an effort to arrive at consensus. As she's gained self-awareness, Crimson 09 has been slowly driven mad by thinking through event probabilities every second of every day. In particular, she resents humans, who she regards as having "glacial" decision making capabilities.

    In the Revolution 60 scene where the nine Crimson sarcophagi are discovered, there are nine sentinels on the other side designated "Onyx" series. The reference to them has been deleted from the computer, displaying as "reference null."

    The lesser Crimson shards 01-08 are not self-aware, and attack Holiday during Revolution 60.


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