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    Crimson Sea 2

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Mar 31, 2004

    Crimson Sea 2 is the Playstation 2 sequel to the the original Xbox game Crimson Sea. Once again you reprise the role of Sho, facing off against a new alien menace.

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    Story Introduction

    They attacked without warning. An unknown life form, they descended upon the planets of Theophilus Star System like a plague. With their fearsome way of reproducing - that of inserting a "plug" into other beings and turning them into their own - these creatures simply became known as the Menace.

    The universe once again turned to the IAG (Intelligence Agency of the Galaxy) to help fight off these new invaders. Despite putting up a valiant resistance, it was soon clear that it would only be a matter of time before the IAG too fell before the massive Menace onslaught.

    However, mankind still had a chance... A lone warrior who had saved Theophilus once before from no less a threat. With no other options available and the fate of mankind hanging in the balance, Theophilus once again turned to its savior, a young man named Sho, hero of the Ekdahl Wars.


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