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    Crimson Viper

    Character » appears in 12 games

    Crimson Viper is a character introduced in Capcom's Street Fighter IV.

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    Crimson Viper is a new character to the Street Fighter series of games. She is first introduced in Street Fighter 4. Crimson Viper fights with an assortment of technological gadgets that augment her abilities.


    Crimson Viper is an American secret agent whose true goals and identity are unknown for the time being. According to one of her post-match victory sayings, Crimson Viper has a daughter named Lauren.

    Gameplay and Techniques

    Crimson Viper is unique compared to most of the other Street Fighter cast in terms of her gameplay and moveset. She is excellent at cross-ups, and with a super jump, she has excellent mobility. She has been called the "Guilty Gear" character due to her being a very execution-heavy character.


    • Burning Kick: Viper's leg becomes engulfed in flames, setting the opponent ablaze. This move can also be done in the air. The strength of kick pressed determines distance traveled. This move is performed by doing a Quarter-circle back motion, followed by pressing a kick button.
    • Thunder Knuckle: Electricity emanates from Viper's fist, and she quickly strikes the opponent. Different inputs lead to different variations of the move. Light Punch leads to a dashing low strike, while Medium punch leads to a dashing high strike, and finally, Hard punch leads to having Viper leap forward vertically, giving the move somewhat of a "Dragon Punch" feel. Move is performed by doing a Quarter-circle back, followed by pressing a punch button.
    • Seismic Hammer: Viper punches into the ground and an explosion comes out at the opponents feet. This move can be considered somewhat similar to that of Mortal Kombat character Jax, who also has a ground pound move. Strength of punch pressed determines distance of move. Move is performed by doing a "Dragon punch" Motion, Forward to down, to down-forward and a punch button.
    • Super Jump: Viper jumps much further than a normal. Move is performed by pressing down quickly before jumping.
    • Super Jump Cancel: At the end of a move, press down and then up to cancel into a Super Jump. A technique that you need to master to use her properly. ex. Seismo Hammer > Super Jump Cancel > Burning Kick is something you need to get consistently if you want to be successful.

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