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    Crisis Zone

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Oct 19, 2004

    Time Crisis series spin off.

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    Crisis Zone is a single-player, first person rail shooter, released in 1999 to arcades and ported to the Playstation 2 in 2004. The game uses a pedal cover mechanic similar to that found in Time Crisis. A player is in cover, and invulnerable until the pedal is pressed, at which point a player can fire the main weapon. Reloading that weapon requires returning to cover momentarily. There is a time limit to each stage that is reset with the completion of each section within a stage. The player is given three health blocks, only hits from those with warning indicators do damage. Each of these hits results in the loss of a health block. Unlike Time Crisis or its sequel, Crisis Zone features a fully automatic sub machine gun that holds 40 rounds. 
    The original arcade release had three stages, each with it's own boss battle. These could be finished in any order, the completion of which sees the player enter the final stage of the game. 


    Drycreek Plaza
    Garland Park
    Garland Technology Centre
    Geyser 1 (final stage)

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