Critical Point

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released March 2002

    An adult visual novel where you play as a male communications officer trying to solve a case of sabotage on a Moon base populated entirely by women. It was released for the PC in 1998.

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    In localized eroge title Critical Point, you play as Reiji Osumi, an officer with the Free Alliance Space Force. Previously a fighter pilot, Osumi was reassigned to Intelligence after being captured by enemy forces. Osumi's plane went down in enemy territory, and a rescue party did not arrive before he was tortured for information by an android that slowly sliced off bits of his arm down to the elbow. The military replaced the arm with a cybernetic one, but Osumi still harbors a great deal of anger and hostility toward androids as a result.

    Osumi is sent to a Free Alliance Moon base to investigate suspected sabotage under the cover of being a technical specialist. Upon his arrival, he discovers that the base is almost solely occupied by women. It is possible for the player to develop relationships with several of the women during the course of the game, the primary one being his subordinate, an undercover prototype android named Elise who works in Operations (as well as being featured on the cover of the box). Aside from the relationships developed in the game and potential outcomes of the investigation, It is also possible to die in many ways, ultimately leading to one of 24 possible endings.

    Scenario writer Kenichi Matsuzaki wrote the script for Critical Point. He is best known for his work on the Gundam, Macross, Orgus, and Bubblegum Crisis anime series, as well as work on various PC and console games such as being scenario writer for Advanced V.G. and setting coordinator for Pyramid Patrol.


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