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National Pokedex No
: #453  
Toxic Mouth Pokémon   
 Anticipation or Dry Skin  
: 2'04''   
: 50.7 lbs  
Evolves at
: level 37   
Locations: Great March (Diamond and Pearl) 
    Route 212, Great March (Platinum) 
    Safari Zone (HG and SS) 
    Rally (Pokewalker)
Females can be differentiated from males because of there two white stripes on there abdomen are higher and in the Platinum and HeartGold/ SoulSilver versions the black part of the females hand is longer than the males. 
They can be found in moist areas like swamps and forests with little light. 

Evolutionary Line

It evolves into a Toxicroak at level 37.  

Pokedex Entry 

 Croagunk in the Anime
 Croagunk in the Anime
Diamond: Its cheeks hold poison sacs. It tries to catch foes off guard to jab them with toxic fingers. 
Pearl: Inflating its poison sacs, it makes en eerie blubbering sound for intimidation. 
Platinum: It rarely fight fairly, but that is strictly to ensure survival. It is popular as a mascot. 
HeartGold/SoulSilver: Fluid squeezed from its finger, albeit poisonous, is a significant ingredient in remedies for lower-back pain.

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