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    Crocodile Cauldron

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    Crocodile Cauldron is a lava themed world and the second area explored by Diddy and Dixie in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest.

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    Crocodile Cauldron is a volcanic region of Crocodile Isle in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. It is the second world, before Krem Quay and after Gangplank Galleon. Sunken ships and a section of retained water would suggest that the area was once a river area before it become a volcanic wasteland. The area is also littered with mine shafts rich in valuable gemstones. At the peak of the highest volcano Kleever awaits Diddy and Dixie.

    In Donkey Kong Land 2, in the hasty rebirth of Crocodile Isle following its sinking in DKC2, Crocodile Cauldron merged with Krem Quay to produce Krem Cauldron, which holds a combination of levels from both worlds. The reason for this is likely because in Black and While, Klubba and Kudgel are identical, and one of them had to go. Kleever waits at the end of Krem Cauldron. 


     Hot-Head Hop 

      The first Lava level in the game. The Krocheads and Squitter make their first appearances here.

     Kannon's Klaim

      A mine shaft full of Kannons and Mini-Neckies.

     Lava Lagoon 

      A sunken ship filled with lava. With the help of Clapper however, Diddy and Dixie managed to transform the lava into water to safely pass through it. This level is Clappers first appearance and the second ship hold level.

     Red-Hot Ride 

      The second lava level. Is centered around floating on Hot Air Balloons across expanses of Lava. It is the only level in DKC2 to have hot air balloons.

     Squawks's Shaft

    Another mineshaft level, this one is notable for being the first appearance of a controllable Squawks. Shortly after the half way mark, Diddy and Dixie grab onto Squawks for the remainder of the level. 



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