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    Crocodile Isle

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    The home and origin of the Kremlings, it is where Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and Donkey Kong Land 2 take place.

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    Located not far off the coast of DK Island, Crocodile Isle is said to be the origin of the Kremlings, and is the settings of Donkey Kong Country 2 and Donkey Kong Land 2. In Donkey Kong Country 2, Diddy and Dixie, on a search for the then kidnapped Donkey Kong, arrived on Crocodile Isle aboard the Gangplank Galleon, the location of the final boss of Donkey Kong Country, and made their way across the hot and swampy parts of the shore, up the face of the island visiting an ammusement park called Krazy Kremland and a haunted woods before reaching the then aptly titled Kaptain K. Rool (K. Rool in his best pirate costume) in his castle and Ice world, and then chasing him into his escape vehicle, which was ensnared by brambles while escaping, where they beat him and won back Donkey Kong. Additionally, at any point a shifty minion called Klubba could be payed off to let the heroes into the Lost World, where 5 levels and the final boss waited. The final boss's location is known as the Crocodile Core, and according to manuals of old, is the source of all Kremlings.  

    At the end of Donkey Kong Country 2, the island sank into the sea while DK, Diddy, and Dixie watched. While most worlds were lost in the event, the Gangplank Galleon survived and sailed off. Later, in Donkey Kong Land 2, it rose again for some reason, only to be sunk again without much notice. There were a few differences on the resurrected Isle, mainly the combination of two worlds, Crocodile Cauldron and Krem Quay, into one (Krem Cauldron).

    Crocodile Isle, unlike DK Island, was not shaped like the local MVP, however in Donkey Kong 64 the Kremlings built a new home modeled after K. Rool to match DK Island better.


    Gangplank Galleon

    While not as anchored to the island as other worlds are, it served as the first world in both adventures, featuring deck levels, mast levels, and a ship hold level. The boss of this world was Krow, who lives in a nest atop one of the masts. In the battle he dies in preparation for when he fights you again later.

    Crocodile Cauldron

    A fiery pit of lava and brimstone, this world featured big open seas of lava with a single path through and several mines. The local boss was Kleever, a sword that enjoyed flying around, throwing fireballs, and sword play. He less enjoys getting hit with cannonballs and Kongs getting away via a series of hooks.

    Krem Quay

    Formally a harbor, now a treacherous marsh. Features a few more ship levels of all sorts, a few swamp levels, and the first bramble level, Bramble Blast, which puts a heavy focus on barrel cannons. The boss of the swamp is Kudgel, a pallet swap of Klubba.

    Krem Cauldron

    Donkey Kong Land 2's second world, it took 5 levels from Crocodile Cauldron and 5 levels from Krem Quay. Kleever was the boss here.

    Krazy Kremland

    A Kremling amusement park with some beehives outside the premises. Featured the second Bramble level, Bramble Scramble, which focused on vines, climbing and flying through the thorns. Also featured 2 roller coaster levels, one being a race of sorts, and a boss that was a giant Zinger named King Sting. The Donkey Kong Land version also included Bramble Blast.

    Gloomy Gulch

    A haunted woods world, it featured 3 haunted woods, a haunted mansion roller coaster level where you were chased by a ghost named Kackle, and another beehive. Krow returns under a new name and spectral state as Kreepy Krow on a odd Mast at the end of the woods.

    The final full world outside the lost one, this contains a mix of dungeons and glacier flavored water levels. In the original version the area had no boss, Diddy and Dixie just saw DK hanging from a rope and left a few seconds later, however in the GBA version a boss named Kerozene was added.

    The Flying Krock

    Features only the last dedicated Bramble stage, Screech's Sprint, and a boss fight with K. Rool for Donkey Kong. In the fight, K. Rool uses his Blunderbuss.

    Lost World
    The Lost World (SNES)
    The Lost World (SNES)

    A primal world, features lush jungles, a volcano and glacier, and a level where you play as Rambi in a jungle, Enguarde in a glacier, Squitter in another jungle, Squawks in some brambles, and finally Rattly in the last stretch of jungle. In the center of the area is the Crocodile Core, where Kremlings are said to have originated. There you fight K. Rool as the final boss after all the other 5 levels have been beaten.

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