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CROSS†CHANNEL is an eroge developed by FlyingShine.

The game revolves around a group of students who are enrolled in a school that rehabilitates people who cannot fit into society. After a camping trip, the students return to their town to find it completely deserted. The main character, Taichi Kurosu, soon discovers that time is repeating itself and are stuck in an alternate dimension. He must find a way to help his friends get back to their original world.

Official Releases

PlatformRelease DateName
PCSeptember 26, 2003Cross†Channel
PS2March 18, 2004Cross†Channel ~to all people~
PSPFebruary 25, 2010Cross†Channel ~to all people~
360April 14, 2011

Cross†Channel ~In memory of all people~


  • There exists unofficially-licensed software called Cross†Change that converts the original Japanese PC release into a format recognizable by the Game Boy Advance.
  • In 2009 an English fan translation patch was released by Amaterasu Translations.
  • The bonus scenario Cross†Channel Tower of Friends received a translation patch by Amaterasu Translations shortly afterward.


The game is the origin for the popular online flash game NANACA†CRASH!!


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