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    Crossroad Crisis

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Sep 28, 2000

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    Crossroad Crisis is a puzzle game where the goal is to manipulate floating tiles on a pond to safely guide a chick to a lifebuoy, all the while racking up as many points as possible. The game features both single player and a two player mode.


    The game starts with two lives and one continue, but the score will be reset upon using it. The goal is to guide this chick to a lifebuoy without letting it drown, with the game taking place on a 6x6 grid. The chick will continuously move along the path the tiles before it allows, to the point where it will walk right off the edge of a tile into the murky waters below if there is not another connecting tile in it's path. The player is able to move the tiles around the screen and rotate them, even as the chick is walking on them. The lifebuoy the chick must reach to complete the level and move on to the next will not appear until the level criteria of cleared tiles is met. There are three different colors of tiles, when the chick walks across two or more tiles of the same color and then moves on to a different color again, all tiles of the previous color the player walked across consecutively will disappear. There are also three different shapes of tiles, one is a straight road, one is curved and one is a four-way intersection. The chick will move faster as the game continues on, with there being ten stages in the "Clear Mode" and just three in the "Beginners Mode".

    The player must also keep in mind the 60 second time limit per stage, failing to adhere to this limit will result in the loss of a life, but the remaining time in the stage can be increased by clearing tiles, not past the initial 60 seconds however.


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