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    Crotch Damage

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    Games where attacks directed to the crotchal region cause much more damage than other areas, sometimes as a male-only phenomenon.

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    In video games, punching, kicking or shooting a groin hasn't always resulted in instant gratification for the end-user. However, beginning near the turn of the millennium, developers began encoding groin damage. This new "damage box" would cue a unique animation or sound bite from an enemy character (i.e. a character crumpling over while holding their crotch or yelling profanity), while other games would further reward players for such a feat. In the Xbox 360 version of Soldier of Fortune: Payback, for example, players receive a 20GP achievement "Cash And Prizes" for "Kill[ing] 75 enemies by shooting them in the groin in any multiplayer mode."

    Other notable forms of crotch damage stem from melee attacks. In the recent fighting game Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, the Joker finishes his opponents by curb stomping their genitalia (regardless of gender). In wrestling games, crotch damage is as powerful as a finishing move.


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