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    Croteam was founded in 1993 in Zagreb, Croatia mainly as a "garage games" company. Since its humble beginnings, it has grown to become a very successful game development company. In 2020, they were acquired by Devolver Digital.

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    The company released their first game, Football Glory for the Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200 platforms and later for the PC in 1995. The game was met with great acclaim, winning high marks in Amiga magazines in the UK and in Germany, winning several "Game of the Year" awards.

    In 1995, Croteam finished work on Five-A-Side Soccer, an indoor soccer version of Football Glory. However, since the Amiga market was practically dead at the time, Croteam failed to sign with a publisher for the game.

    The year after, the company developed Save the Earth, which was to be used in a television contest. It would be six years before Croteam put out another game.

    2001 - The release hiatus was broken by the release of the first game in the Serious Sam series; Serious Sam: The First Encounter. At the time, the company had only six employees and four contractors working on the development of Serious Sam.

    2002 - The expansion to the first game, Serious Sam: The Second Encounter was released. Both of these games used Croteam's in-house developed Serious Engine, a game engine which was developed for use in the Serious Sam games.

    2005 - The sequel, Serious Sam 2 was released on PC and Xbox. Running on the Serious Engine 2, the game is criticized for catering to the lower capabilities of the Xbox, having smaller maps and lower enemy counts.

    2009 - Croteam released Serious Sam HD for the PC. The game is a high definition remake of the first Serious Sam game, and it is running on Croteam's new Serious Engine 3.

    2010 - Serious Sam HD is released on Xbox Live Arcade.

    2011 - Serious Sam 3 was released November 22nd, using advanced Serious Engine 3.5 technology.

    2020 - Croteam was acquired by Devolver Digital on October 21.


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