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    Crowe F. Almedio

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    Crowe is a non-player character in Star Ocean: The Last Hope. He is the captain of the SRF-001 Aquila and childhood friend of Edge and Reimi. This quick-thinking, capable soldier wields a laser sword in each hand.

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    Star Ocean: The Last Hope

    Crowe is one of the most promising officers in Earth's Space Reconnaissance Force (SRF). Given his own ship at the age of 21, he, along with childhood friends Edge Maverick and Reimi Saonji, was sent out as a part of the SRF's first expedition into space. The mission did not proceed smoothly. An encounter with an unknown gravitic force caused the three ships sent out to come crashing out of warp drive. The Calnus landed on Roak intact, with Edge and Reimi aboard, while three other ships crash landed there, two of which survived. Crowe's ship, the Aquila, was stranded in space, where he encountered a Cardianon space station and met the cybernetically-enhanced Morphus warrior Bacchus. Seeting off into space, Crowe initiated his own quest to discover the truth of the Grigori and the Epiphanies and do his part to save the universe.

    In his travels, Crowe encounters several of the same individuals that accompany Edge in his journey. He saves a disabled ship but is unable to rescue the man who dies: Myuria's husband, Lucien. She blames Crowe for his death and begins a quest to find
    Crowe at Roak
    Crowe at Roak
    vengeance, though eventually she learns the truth and forgives him. Crowe also rescued Arumat after an attack cripped his ship and left him floating dead in space, inspiring the latter to join him in the quest to defeat the Grigori. The two later meet up with Edge's group on Roak and save them from a wave of attacking wave of Phantoms. Almedio leaves soon after the reunion to pilot the Aquila in the defense of the Eldarian fleet, sustaining heavy damage.

    Eventually, Crowe and a barely-functionable Aquila are re-united with Edge for a last time. The red-haired Captain sacrifices his life to create a black hole with his ship's final moments, offering Edge his chance to invade Nox Obscurus.


    Crowe, Edge and Reimi are all part of a project initiated on Earth knows as the Seeds of Hope. This was an experiment to engineer superhumans with DNA from an ancient race that previously lived on Earth, the Muah, in order to create a race that could better survive in the nuclear wasteland the Earth had become. These genetic abilities activated during times of extreme stress and trauma. Edge and Crowe received the ability to reach superhuman levels of speed and power in battle, while Reimi's body was able to adapt extremely quickly to combat disease or adverse conditions.

    The three of them grew up together and share a special bond, as Crowe is like a big brother to Edge and Reimi. He has always been able to beat Edge at everything, providing the latter with stiff competition and a fierce drive to prove himself.

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