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    Cruis'n World

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jan 01, 1996

    Cruis'n World is an arcade driving game that lets you race around the globe.

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    Cruis'n World is the sequel to the 1994 arcade racing game, "Cruis'n USA. In Cruis'n World, the player races on various tracks modeled around the world. Cruis'n World, also has more cars to choose from than Cruis'n USA. In 1998, Cruis'n World was released onto the Nintendo 64 due to its success, and being the best received of the Cruis'n games.


    A new feature introduced in Cruis'n World was stunts. Stunts were used to dodge obstacles, maneuver around tight curves, or just for the joy of watching your car spinning through the air. If the stunt made your car fly through the air, you would also be awarded with a few extra seconds to the clock. Do do a stunt, you would simply need to drive over a ramp.

    If you were successful in races, you would be allowed to make slight upgrades to your car such as boost rockets, and you were also able to paint your cars, add stripes, and apply decals to them. You would be able to improve your vehicle as you progressed, so changing cars was not always necessary.

    Cruis'n World allowed for split-screen multiplayer so you and up to three friends could play together.


    Artists were sent around the world to digitally capture tourist attractions and sights around the world to give their game a more realistic feeling. Events in places like Kenya would even have animals wandering around the track.

    The following are the available tracks in Cruis'n World:

    - Germany

    - Egypt

    - Hawaii

    - New York

    - England

    - France

    - Kenya

    - Italy

    - China

    - Australia

    - Mexico

    - Russia

    - Japan

    - Florida

    - The Moon (Only available on N64)


    The following are the drivable vehicles in both version of Cruis'n World:

    • - Kamikaze AWD (Toyota Supra Mark IV)
    • - Stallion P56 (Ferrari 456)
    • - Scarab (Volkswagen Beetle)
    • - Banzai GTV (Mitsubishi 3000GT)
    • - Rhino 4x4 (Dodge Ram)
    • - Gimpee (Daihatsu Hijet)
    • - Serpent (Dodge Viper)
    • - Zombi XXX (1994 Ford Mustang)
    • - Road King (Kenworth semi truck)
    • - Orca (Porsche 993)
    • - Sardine Extreme (Daihatsu Midget)
    • - ATV (Humvee)

    The following vehicles were added to the N64 version:

    • - Ambulance
    • - Bulldog
    • - Conductor
    • - Enforcer
    • - Exec
    • - Grass Hopper
    • - Howler
    • - Monsta
    • - Rocket
    • - Skool Bus
    • - Speed Demon
    • - Taxi
    • - Tommy

    Differences between the Arcade version and the N64 version of Cruis'n World

    Cruis'n World on the Nintendo 64 was not a direct port of the arcade version. Some features were added into the N64 version of the game while other features were left out.

    The following are the differences between the two versions:

    • - The Nintendo 64 version of Cruis'n World did not feature as many voice clips during certain stages as the arcade version. It is not known why this was done
    • The Nintendo 64 version added 13 additional cars (all traffic cars from the Arcade version) which could be unlocked from the time-trial mode.
    • - In the Arcade Version of Cruis'n World, animals would explode into bloody chunks when you hit them, while on the N64 version if you attempt to hit an animal, it would either run out of the way or you would just drive straight through it. This was probable done to keep the game from getting a "Teen" rating.
    • - The Nintendo 64 version of Cruis'n World gives the player the ability to race in a tournament mode(campaign), Save Data Back to the ROM cartridge, and give the car custom boosts and paint jobs.
    • - The Nintendo 64 version of Cruis'n World supported up to 4-player splitscreen. The Arcade version supported up to 4-player simultaneous with connected cabinets.
    • -In the arcade version of Cruis'n World, the steering wheel would provide resistance if you crashed into something. The Nintendo 64 version replaced this with rumble pack support.

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