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Steam finally got their pre-order link up.


Can't wait to get down with some [clean] Mongol faces.

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Me too. Haven't touched much of Paradox's games for a few years - HoI 2 swallowed me for a while, but for various reasons never got very deep into their games since. This game, however, is made for me. Right down to the tutorial in the demo having you play as Malcolm II of Scotland - I am Scottish, and love this exact era of history (especially Scottish history).

I'm also thrilled that they've finally built a good tutorial, and a nice interface.

A quick look on here would be lovely.

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@deerokus: you should also get EU3, as that's widely considered the best.

still unreasonably excited for CK2, I do want a QL (I pmed dave and he did not get back to me so...) and I also have it preordered; mongol faces uber alles

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For some reason I fell into Victoria 2 hard. That was kinda the first time that a paradox title fully swallowed me whole. I do have HoI 2 and 3, but I haven't spent near enough time with them. Same with EU3.

After Vicky 2, I picked up Crusader Kings Complete, which was totally my kind of scene. Sengoku last year sparked some serious optimism for CKII, too. I've played through the demo more times than I can count and I'm already sold on it being one of, if not THE best Paradox grand strategy game in a while.

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