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    Crushbone is the stronghold for the ferocious, blue orcs that inhabit Faydwer.

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    Crushbone is the stronghold of the orcs of Faydwer. The blue-skinned orcs worship Bertoxxulous but have formed a treaty with Innoruuk's children, the dark elves. Located in the cliffs north of the Greater Faydark, the Crushbone Orcs raid Kelethin quite often. They send many troops in attempt to chop down the massive trees that support the city. Emperor Crush also sends forth bands of orcs to capture elves and dwarves to work as slaves in the mines that supply the clan with weapons and armor. The elves of Faydwer will look amiably upon any who slay these orcs, especially those that return with proof of the death of the High Priest, Emperor, or Ambassador D'Vinn. D'Vinn is a dark elf that resides within the citadel. He was sent by Queen Cristanos Thex of Neriak to negotiate with the orcs. The dimwitted orcs get funding and better weapons, while the dark elves get an army of minions attempting to exterminate the high elves and wood elves without ever having to leave Nektulos Forest themselves.

    Neighboring Zones


    Notable NPCs

    • Ambassador DVinn
    • Dwarven Smith
    • Elven Priest
    • Emperor Crush
    • Kelynn
    • Lord Darish
    • Orc Slaver
    • Orc Taskmaster
    • Orc Thaumaturgist
    • Orc Trainer
    • Orc Warden
    • Orc Warlord
    • The Prophet
    • Retlon Brenclog

    Notable Items

    • Black Heart
    • Bracer of Battle
    • Dragoon Dirk
    • Dwarven Ringmail Tunic
    • Raw-hide Armor
    • Screaming Mace
    • Shiny Brass Shield

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