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    The game engine that was used in the first Far Cry games, developed by Crytek. It was later succeeded by Cryengine 2

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    • CryEngine Sandbox: Is a real-time game editor offering "What you see is what you PLAY" feedback.
    • Renderer: integrates indoor and outdoor technology seamlessly. Offers rendering support for OpenGL and DirectX 8/9, Xbox using latest hardware features, PS2 and GameCube.
    • Physics System: supports character inverse kinematics, vehicles, rigid bodies, liquid, rag doll, cloth and soft body effects. The system is integrated with the game and tools.
    • Character Inverse Kinematics and Animation Blending: Allows a character model to have multiple animations while looking believable.
    • AI System: Enables team based AI and AI behaviors defined by scripts. Ability to create custom enemies and behaviors without touching the C code.
    • Interactive Dynamic Music System: Tracks and responds to the player's actions and situations and offers CD Quality playback in full 5.1 surround sound.
    • Environmental Audio and SFS Engine: Ability to accurately reproduce sounds from nature with seamless blending between environments and interior/exterior locations in Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. Includes EAX 2.0 audio support.
    • Network Client and Server System: Manages all network connections for the multiplayer mode. It is a low-latency network system based on client/server architecture.
    • Shaders: A script system used to combine textures in different ways to produce visual effects. Supports real time per-pixel lighting, bumpy reflections, refractions, volumetric glow effects, animated textures, transparent computer displays, windows, bullet holes, and shiny surfaces.
    • Terrain: Uses an advanced heightmap system and polygon reduction to create massive, realistic environments. The view distance can be up to 2 km when converted from game units.
    • Lighting and Shadows: A combination of precalculated, real time shadows, stencil shadows and lightmaps to produce a dynamic environment. Includes high-resolution, correct perspective, and volumetric smooth-shadow implementations for dramatic and realistic indoor shadowing. Supports advanced particles technology and any kind of volumetric lighting effects on particles.
    • Fog: Includes volumetric, layer and view distance fogging to enhance atmosphere and tension.
    • Tools Integration: Objects and buildings created using 3ds Max or Maya are integrated within the game and editor.
    • Polybump: Standalone or fully integrated with other tools including 3ds max.
    • Scripting system: Based on the popular Lua language. This easy to use system allows the setup and tweaking of weapons/game parameters, playing of sounds and loading of graphics without touching the C code.
    • Modularity: Entirely written in modular C , with comments, documentation and subdivisions into multiple DLLs.

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