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    Crying Wolf

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    Crying Wolf is a member of the Beauty and the Beast Corp, an elite group of once beautiful women turned into machines of war by shell shock on the battlefield. Just as the rest of the unit, her name and weapons reference past bosses of the series.

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    Crying Wolf in the Middle East
    Crying Wolf in the Middle East

    Crying Wolf was born in during a time of ethnic cleansing. Her village was attacked, and most of her family killed. Now a refugee, she and her brother were forced to survive on their own. After coming across an enemy soldier, they hid in a nearby shack, but the boy cried in fear. Crying Wolf put her hand over his face to silence the cries, unknowingly killing him. She carried the corpse of the boy to a refugee camp, where the wails of children resonated non-stop. Emotionally scarred, she couldn’t stand the crying, and it is implied that she murdered all the infants at the camp to silence their cries, while hallucinating that a wolf killed the children. Exactly what happened to Wolf in between the refugee camp and adulthood is unknown, though given her mental state, she probably didn't enjoy it.

    Liquid Ocelot recruited her to the Beauty and the Beast Unit, grafting her into a quadrupedal powered armour battlesuit with immense superhuman strength, equipped with a rail gun that had previously belonged to Dead Cell member Fortune. Wolf could pop out of the top of her suit and take aim with the weapon, with which she was a fearsomely accurate sniper, despite her broken mental state which caused her to weep constantly. Thus, she became known as Crying Wolf.

    In Metal Gear Solid 4, she is seen attacking the local soldiers in the Middle East with the rest of the B & B Corps.. Old Snake eventually encounters once again on Shadow Moses Island. He must battle the elements and avoid detection in this battle, but he finally defeats her. She falls out of her suit when it’s over, and attacks Snake one last time. Like the other B & B battles, the player had the option of killing her using lethal force, or ending the fight using only non-lethal force. Depending on which method is chosen, one of two endings will occur. Ultimately, the era of Crying Wolf is put to an end, and Drebin reveals her past to Snake.

    Cry for me!

    -Crying Wolf, Metal Gear Solid 4

    Fight Strategy


    This is not an easy fight, I won’t lie. It will add a fair amount of time to your total, but it’s definitely doable. The biggest recommendation I can make for this fight is bring extra batteries. Your Solid Eye will be on throughout 90% of the fight, so it pays to collect all the batteries from the mission briefings. This guide assumes you already have knowledge of this fight and are attempting the Big Boss Emblem, thus will not cover Health recovering items or lethal means.


    • What you will need
    • Solid Eye
    • Mk.22 with Emotion Rounds or a large reserve of Anesthetics
    • Mosin Nagant with Emotion Rounds or a large reserve of Anesthetics
    • RPG or Grenade Launcher
    • Your choice of high powered Sniper Rifle. Anti Material is best.

    If this is on a new save file, you better have a lot of Anesthetic rounds or are a master of sneaking. I’ll leave it up to you how to dispose of the numerous Frogs, but I will say that if you plan on using the Mosin Nagant, be absolutely sure they are not looking at you, or near you. Otherwise you’ll be loading up that save file again and again. Head shots with the Emotion Rounds will knock them out instantly.

    Beginning, equip your Night Vision Solid Eye, run left into the ditch and take out the Frogs to your immediate left, then eliminate the lone Frog across the ditch that may have spotted your shadow. Continue along the left-most wall and take out the oh-so clever ambush from behind. Keep following the western edge. When you run into a wall there is a chance Wolf will be on the other side. If she is, very quietly knock out all the nearby Frogs from where you are, turn the corner and send her flying flat on her ass with a rocket. Time to run, but just out of her way, she won’t follow you (though she might lob a few grenades, so be careful).

    This is going to be your main hiding spot for the rest of the fight. There are only 2 Frogs in that area and one on the balcony. They should never be able to see you even if you leave them alone, but you’ll be crossing their path shortly, so keep them subdued. Find a good overlooking spot and wait for Wolf. Chances are she won’t show up, so I’m going to outline the basic path you follow to look for her. Remember where the pathetic ambush was? The Frog lying down in the snow at the start? That will be called point 1. Point 2 will be the doors where you exit after the fight and point 3 is the Hind D. Follow them back and forth while staying against the outer edge of the entire area and keep the Frogs at bay. This path will let you see almost all of the area. There is only 1 spot that I know of where you won’t be able to see here, that spot is pretty much exactly where you begin the fight, at the broken tree.

    Once you have her in your sights, clear the area of any Frogs and pull out your rifle. Take the shot; if it’s a weaker rifle take a few. The moment you’re done stay on the path and head away from her. She may decide to charge you, that’s why you have your RPG or Grenade Launcher. Do not let her jump on you or you’ll either die or lose most of your health. If she lands on you quickly do a roll sideways (A roll while lying down, don’t try to stand up). Avoid her grenades and she’ll run away to start over.

    Rinse and repeat until victory. Don’t take too long however or she’ll summon more Frogs. You’ll probably never die, that’s because you’ll be reloading every time those damn Frogs find you. It’s usually because you can’t tell which direction they are looking while Night Vision is equipped and you fire a loud weapon while they stare right at you. But don’t fret, it’s a fun fight, so try to enjoy yourself.


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