Atarcry? Cryptari? Atari-Cryptic! What?

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((*Sigh* I spent the last half-hour composing this article and right before I was going to click "submit," Internet Explorer closes on me. God dammit! Now I have to write it, again...))

ANYWAY! According to Cryptic: "Infogrames Entertainment, the parent company of Atari, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to fully acquire Cryptic Studios Inc., one of the world’s leading developers, publishers and operators of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games." (

"Atari and Cryptic? Well, I didn't see that coming!"
I'm shocked, to be honest. Although maybe I shouldn't be. I'm one of the few (if not only) who believe that Infograms is headed for bigger and better things. This acquisition is an interesting one and may allude to the new direction Infograms is headed in. 

"Tell me about it!"

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Oh wow, nutty indeed!!!  And right on the eve of Champions Online.

With this, Dark Athena, and whatever that other game they have coming out was that I can't remember right now but gets me super psyched every time I think about Atari making a fourth-quarter comeback?!
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They have The Witcher, Riddick, Champions Online, Star Trek Online, Unnamed MMO, and more. I'm telling you, Atari is coming back. I don't think it will be...God, I am stupid. When you said fourth-quarter, I thought you meant fiscal quarters. *Shakes head*

Anyway, I have a feeling that there will come a time when everyone is awed by my insight and I will have "haha, I told you so" moments - galore.

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