Atari Dropping Cryptic Studios, Moving Largely to External Development

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#51 Posted by Roddykat (268 posts) -

Wow. Didn't see this coming. And here I thought the chatter I was passing in game was a joke. STO has come a long way since launch and is quite good, personally. The funny happens to be the people saying cryptic's game aren't good. Because you know, Atari's track record lately has been phenomenal, right?

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#52 Posted by Lind_L_Taylor (4123 posts) -
@lepton said:
So long, Star Trek Online. I hardly played ye.
HAHA. I almost split a rib.  I think this sums up just about
everyone's experience with STO & CO: hardly played.

I keep meaning to go back to it, but can't find the time or
dedication to just one game. 

Right after Cryptic jettisoned CO to produce STO & release
it within 6 months, I had an awful feeling that both games
would not turn out very well.  I don't know why they bothered
to do that. Cryptic seems great at getting something off the
ground, but are poor in content execution.  It's like they forget
what they're doing & just charge on to the next game, without
even wondering if the games they just made are playable or
interesting & the part that needs the most attention is delegated
off to an inferior team.

They should probably sell CO to NCSoft & restamp/repair it
to be COH 2.  Then at least you can get some interesting
content from the COH world into it.  No idea what will happen
to Star Trek.  CBS will probably take a page from the book
of The Matrix & trash it.  Nonetheless, I feel 90% confident
that Cryptic will jettison its existing MMOs to other companies
so it can focus on "the next big thing".  I'm also 90% confident
Cryptic will not receive another dime from me, until they improve
their existing game franchises.  Like whatever happened to
Sidekicks or Villains for CO??  It just all went into the wind
to go build the revered Star Trek game!

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