Couple of things about this game.

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  Do you like how they make it look like Cloverfield? And, is it me? Or does this seem more like a Crysis/MW2 like gameplay? It's awesome. I love what they're doing with this game. First off, they blend everything I liked about in an FPS, into, everything I love in films. Since, Cloverfield's one of my favorite movies. I just hope there's parts in the game where you can soak up the atmosphere without all the action, and you can sit there and fully realize what's going on.
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I wouldn't liken this to CoD6 in gameplay at all.  It does have lots of set pieces, if that's what you mean, but so did Crysis, so that's really nothing new to the franchise.  Like you point out, though, there's clearly some Cloverfield influence in the nature of the set pieces and the atmosphere in at least certain levels of the game, which is fine by me. 
I don't think we have to worry about there being too much action.  Crytek knows the strength of their game (even if they're bad at showing it in their marketing), and there has been some meager footage where the player clearly has a vantage point to scope out enemies currently unaware of them. 

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That Trailer reminds you that Crysis is a game where I always feel sorry for all the little guys, like the no name US soldiers who get slaughtered by everything.

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I wouldn't say it's awesome, I say it's the opposite. They taken really large landscapes and condensed it into a corridor shooter because of memory restrictions on other platforms (no elitism intended, how else can I possibly make this true point?) 
(my proof to my statement)  
-If you think this looks big, you haven't played the other crysis games which is probally more than 10X bigger in the area you can actually fight in, if your not counting the buildings in your way. That's why I think it's less impressive and not what I call awesome. Before you reply to me, I hope you played crysis before and know what i'm saying is true, instead of just speculating. This might be what your used to, however not for me in a crysis game. It's too small of a levels and call of duty modern warfare 2 might be more accurate of a statement.  
-Crysis used to be a sandbox game with fps elements, now it's a fps game with linearity. Yerli with an excuse said he didn't want to over design crysis and keep it more focused, there are now verticle gameplay (meaning the levels were too big before and keep it more focused for other platforms, you can jump up to about three stories) I speculate that means he knew he can't make a full crysis game with nearly far cry 2 scale of levels anymore in terms of scale. Now we have a modern corridor shooter.  
-all the trailers and video i've seen, there are no evidence this game is even all that big in terms of surface fighting areas dispite what yerli tried to say.

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We can't tell what the game will really be like til copies start hitting shelves, but I for one am very excited. Considering pre-ordering it right now for the PC.

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