The Crysis 3 AI is terrible

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Having played and enjoyed Far Cry 3 immensely, I can confirm that the Crysis 3 AI is terrible!

If I uncloak while staring at the back of a guard, he will see me from the back of his head and turn around. If I uncloak while walking behind a wall with a guard on the other side, the fact that I uncloaked makes him go "do you hear that?" What, uncloaking makes my footsteps louder?

If I kill a guard stealthly (not using the stealth animation, but literally stealthy, as in silently and without anyone seeing), they just KNOW that he died because I didn't use the close-up animation.

And when they get alert they start shooting at the walls around them, far in the distance.

Crysis 3 and Assassin's Creed 3 are two triple AAA late 2012/early 2013 titles that should be condemned for using terrible and ancient AI. Hell I played the first Crysis on Xbox a few months back for the first time and was surprised by how well the AI behaved for a 2007 game, what happened to that?

Far Cry 3, it seems, will make it difficult to accept bad AI in shooters from now on.

What did you think of the C3 AI?

I am aware of the usual criticisms of military first person shooters, this thread is about AI

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I've seen a couple of videos of people playing through the game and yeah the AI doesn't seem all that hot, and the enemies can see EXTREMELY far, they must have some kind of binocular eyes or something because at times it's ridicules.

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The Crysis 3 is terrible

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Uncloaking does make your footsteps louder, yes. Something to do with the suit's cloaking also muffling sound.

At least it did in the second game.

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I thought the Crysis games had always had poor AI.

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How can AI be terrible for being "too smart"? Every game doesn't have to have "Huh, whose footprints are these?" In Arkham City on higher difficulties/harder challenges the enemy will randomly have superpowered laser vision of doom; but that doesn't mean the AI itself is bad just they changed the parameters based on the difficulty level.

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I thought the Crysis games had always had poor AI.

I've only played the first Crysis. His complaints are the same as mine were about the first Crysis.

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It seems they use the terrible over-dependence on cloaking as an excuse to not improve the non-cloaked stealth gameplay/AI reactions.

Too busy making graphics.

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They all have bad AI.

Loading Video...

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It's probably Crysis's fault for dressing like that...

But seriously, each Crysis has been this way. It should seem apparent that Crytek isnt putting their funding towards play-testing new AI or mechanics. Just tessellating...trilinear...buckling at 60frames.

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The game was boring, all looks no fun

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I didn't notice anything unusual when I was playing it. Crysis has always been about screwing with not so bright soldiers.

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Them just knowing when someone dies sounds like business as usual for the series.

The first game had pretty terrible AI too. You would have a guy manning a turret on a boat a mile away from you while you are clocked and hidden in some dense foliage on top of a cliff and the second you uncloak he knows exactly where you are and starts shooting.

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