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More of the same, which is good.

I just finished this game 15 minutes ago.
It was a wild ride, just like the first Crysis game.
The first thing I noticed when I started playing was that the performance was better then the first one, and the graphic quality as well. In case you are not aware of this, the first Crysis game was made to make you cry about your so called "imba" computer at that time, with an excessive amount of graphical power, there was no machine able to run it decently on Maximum (got it?) Settings.
 However, this one ran pretty well on my dual core @ 2.5, 3gb Ram, 8800GT overclocked. Too bad I have windows XP and was not able to play it on directx10, but I'm guessing that just like the first one you can't even tell the difference.
On this episode you will play as Psycho, one of the characters from the first game. You will be playing on a paralel storyline, so you are stuck on the same island again, which has some terrible secrets in it ( LOST anyone? ).
The powers of your nano suit are exactly the same, but this time you have a few more weapons, being my favorite the dual wield Uzi's, which make you feel like you are in the movies Matrix, you also have a granade launcher and a nice special gun in the end which I won't reveal much or I will be called a spoiler-boy!
This is a bit more linear then the first one, you won't have as much freedom of alternative routs and you will also play more time on interior scenarios. The great thing about Warhead is that it is pumped up with much more action, you will feel much more like a ninja on this one, jumping and running around doing all sorts of crazy stuff, not because you want to, but because you need it.
You will fight the same enemy's as in the first one, koreans and aliens. Except this time you will be in more advantage thanks to the new weapons ( you get a granade-kind-of-thing that destroys the nano suits from the koreans, which is greatly overpowered), so I guess this one was easier then the other one, and also shorter, you can finish it in 5 to 7 hours, depending if you are a retarded zombie or a noob.

The sound is still amazing. Voice acting is great and the soundtracks really get you into the action, although I think they should pop up more times.
The story is well, as I told you, the same as the first crysis but from a different point of view. You get a bit more lenghty cutscenes, which really get you into the game and your character's head.

If you played the first one but you were not that much happy about it, then this one is not a must-get, since it will give you more of the same. But if you really liked the first one and it made you a sad panda when it ended then this is something you should definitly get.


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