Crysis Warhead

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Sep 16, 2008

    A standalone expansion pack to Crysis, Warhead's campaign follows Sergeant Michael 'Psycho' Sykes, as he faces his own trials and challenges on the other side of the island, parallel to the events of the first game.

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    Quote's: A fantastic game that stands on it's own very well...

    When I first heard that Crytek were creating a new game with "Cry" in the title, crysis, I instantly thought: "here comes the next level in pristine graphical technology". Then when I played Crysis to find out if the stories of it's graphical brilliance were all true. THEY WERE! I found another surprising truth out about the game, The story in the single-player campaign's was just as good! From start to finish.

    Well, Crysis Warhead follows suit, with another fantastic story. But could confuse the people who've never gotten the chance to play The original crysis.
    You simply get thrown into the game kind of midway through a battle with no real clue of where psycho's story branches off from the original story, you slowly connect the dots but it is mostly left to you to figure it out. This left me with a fractured feeling of being lost.
    Which I soon got over once I'd got my barings and began to play on.

    The story has a sub-plot that is quite interesting in that it shows how pyscho got into the team he is now in. (Watch out for this, it's kind of interesting.)
    And a semi sub-plot of a rivalry between one of the enemies generals and sergeant psycho himself that is very Fun to play through and watch.

    I found myself thouroughly enjoying the new more action packed formula to level design of crysis warhead.
    Though a little limited in variety, I found that most of the time on my second playthrough of warhead that I was having to do the same things I'd done before, as there wasn't much room to do anything else.
    I understood why though, as it allowed them to show off more when I arrived,  in-game, at some of the more interesting areas in the game, but it simply wasn't as exciting to play this way. (And it also left the length of the game, when at it's absolute maximum, very low at a playing time total of 7 1/2 hours, a mediocre length at best.
    Crysis was different in this respect, but nonetheless this difference is what seperates the two games and makes them their own game's.

    Now graphically, I found myself feeling a lot better for the people with older machines, but on the other hand for myself, confused as to the settings names. IE: Enthusiast, Gamer etc...
    I selected the highest graphics setting (Enthusiast), and found myself confused at the fact it looked nowhere near as detailed as it's predecessor. But after only minutes of playing, I got into the swing of things and found that my systems performance was so much better, I really didn't care that the game was less beefy in terms of graphics.

    Note: You might remember that Crysis had a limitation when it came to it's highest graphic's setting.
    Windows vista was the only Operating system that was officially and legally allowed to play crysis at such high setting's, so at a guess, When crysis warhead was created I have suspicions that the graphics settings' name's were changed, which than enabled everyone who was capable to use all settings, INCLUDING high. Ironic huh?

    Overall: A fantastic game that stands on it's own very well. Though by the end it winds up leaving you wondering where the heck rest of the game dissapeared to.

    P.S: Tlease be brutally honest when commenting on my review, since it's my first EVER review and I know I need improvement. Thanks for taking your time to read this, you guys.

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