Did Crysis sell well?

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All I hear about Crysis is that it has amazing graphics. My question is did it sell?

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The wikipedia article used to say 1.5million units by July 08 but all reference to sales figures seem to have been removed.  It sold almost 90K in the US in the first two weeks which exceed expectations by 25%.   It also sold rather heavily since being bundled and discounted on Steam last year. I would say EA and Crytek are very happy with the traction and sales of Crysis, Crysis: Warhead and Crysis: Wars.  EA is so happy that they haven't tried to buy Crytek out and rather has supported them as much as possible with stepping on any toes, which is highly unusual behavior indeed.

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Also, usually, a strong indicator for acceptable sales is a sequel. Ordinarily, developers that aren't independent don't get the funds for a sequel if the original didn't perform as expected.
Crytek isn't independent at all, obviously. They get the sequel (and extra workforce) from EA because projected sales look promising. Projected sales look promising largely because of the original selling pretty well indeed. 

That's why sequelitis makes all sorts of sense from a publisher's perspective, that while gamers think they want original stuff all the time. In the end, the guys with more money win this argument, hence all the sequels on the market.

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