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    Crystal Caverns

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    Crystal Caverns was the original home of the Coldain dwarves of Velious.

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    Queen Dracnia
    Queen Dracnia

    Crystal Caverns is located beneath the thick snow and ice of the Eastern Wastes. The entrance can be found within a fortress currently solidified by the snow orcs known as the Ry'Gorr clan. Inside, the various tunnels twist and turn, confusing even the most experienced adventurers. Perilous drops have proved fatal to some and injured many. The dangers are ignored by many greedy intruders, for much of the caverns are made of velium, a precious metal found only on Velious. Long ago, these caverns were the stronghold of the dwarves when they first arrived on the continent. Their home, known as Froststone, can still be found in the lower reaches of the cave system, and there are several Coldain who still stand guard there. Constant raids led by the Kromrif giants of nearby Kael, and the infestation of Queen Dracnia's spiders from the depths below led the dwarves to abandon their original home in favor of the hidden city of Thurgadin.


    Legend states that Slagd Frozentoe, a frost giant general, led a force of 250 giants to eradicate the dwarves once and for all. Slagd was led into a labrynth of traps by a cunning dwarf by the name of Glight Snowchipper. Glight and a handful of other brave dwarves bought the rest of the Coldain enough time to escape to safety. Glight and mining friends sacrificed themselves with one final trap that dropped over thirty thousand tons of ice on the invading giants. The Coldain often refer to the Crystal Caverns as Glight's Fall, in memory of one of the bravest dwarves to ever live.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Citizens of Froststone
    • RyGorr Clan Snow Orcs

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    ShopGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    The Coldheart'sFood, Water, Alcohol, General SuppliesBrewing, Fishing
    The Gemshard'sBank, Food, Water, Alcohol, General SuppliesBrewing, Fishing, Baking


    Notable NPCs

    • Foreman Rixact
    • Foreman Smason
    • Ghost of Burdael
    • Historian Baenek
    • Life Leech
    • Queen Dracnia
    • Ry`Gorr Herbalist
    • Ry`Gorr Inspector
    • Ry`Gorr Oracle
    • Terror Carver

    Notable Items

    • Blackened Crystalline Robe
    • Chipped Velium Amulet
    • Cloak of the Ry`Gorr Oracles
    • Crystal Covered Shroud
    • Crystal Grinder
    • Crystal Webshield
    • Crystalline Belt
    • Crystalline Robes
    • Foreman's Skull Cap
    • Froststone Stein
    • Glowing Velium Axe
    • Messenger of the Queen
    • Onyxbrand
    • Sceptre of the Coldain Ancients
    • Spider Fang Choker
    • Stalagterror Spine Spear

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