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Gameplay in Crystal Crisis is very similar to that of Puzzle Fighter. Sets of two colored blocks will fall from above, and the players must arrange them on their play field, ideally with blocks of the same color placed next to one another. If a set of same-colored blocks are arranged in a rectangle of at least 2 x 2, they will coalesce into a single larger block. Colored crystals will sometimes appear in place of one of the falling blocks; if a crystal touches a block of the same color, it and any other contiguous blocks of the same color will disappear from the play field, causing all the blocks above them to fall to the ground. Depending on how many blocks are destroyed at once and how large a combo is triggered, a number of countdown blocks will fall on the opponent's screen. These have a timer indicator on them, and will not change to normal blocks until the timer expires, meaning they are unaffected by crystals. The game ends when a player's play field is full and they cannot place more blocks, forcing them to surrender.

Unique to Crystal Crisis is the Burst Gauge, which fills as the player matches gems and triggers combos. When it is full, the player can trigger a character-specific special move, which has effects such as removing a row of blocks from their play field or hindering the opponent. Crystal Crisis also features a "wrap-around" mechanic: by attempting to move a falling block, past the left or right border of the playfield, it will appear on the other side of the screen. This can also be used to bisect two blocks falling horizontally, allowing players to drop one block on the rightmost edge and another on the leftmost edge, adding to the necessary strategic considerations.

The game supports local and online multiplayer for up to four players, as well as single-player Arcade, Survival, Tag Team and Training modes. An optional "Colorblind Mode" is also available.


Crystal Crisis features nineteen playable characters from various IPs, each with their own stage and musical theme. Fifteen are pre-existing characters, while four are from currently-unreleased Nicalis titles, some of which have not yet been announced.

Cave Story

The Binding of Isaac

Tezuka Productions

Code of Princess

1001 Spikes

The Tempura of the Dead

  • President Thompson
  • Zombie

Akuji the Demon

  • Akuji

Hydra Castle Labyrinth

  • Knight


Blade Strangers

  • Helen

Unannounced Titles

  • Cedric
  • Elise
  • Ninja

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