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It's good, but not that good

Good Points: 

  • Good, engaging tower defense
  • Easy to pick up, hard to put down
  • Simple interface
  • Decent music
Bad Points: 
  • The structure of the game leads to single games that are 30+ minutes
  • Not enough variety in the maps
  • It's hard to level-up "towers" that move around the board
I have mixed feelings about this game. On the one had I appreciate that there are very few maps and that the game forces you to refine your strategy for those maps rather than throwing a ton of different maps at you. On the other had, if you don't like a map and your just want to skip it then you're missing a big chunk of the game because there are so few maps. I wish now that I'd gotten the game for a portable platform. I think the game would be better suited for mobile play. It's a decent title on the XBLM, but it doesn't need a big screen, big speakers, or a big controller. 
Still it was a really decent game once I allowed myself to get into it. But, I doubt I'll ever go back to it again.

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