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    Crystaloid is a brick-and-ball game for Android-based devices and Xbox 360.

    reverendhunt's Crystaloid (Ouya) review

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    I want to like it, but....

    I've got a confession to make: I love Breakout/Arkanoid clones. I snatch up pretty much every one I can and even though I'm pretty terrible at them, I get quite a bit of enjoyment out of them. I made my own Breakout clone in 2005. I have a copy of Wizorb on three different platforms just because.

    So when I saw screenshots of Crystaloid for the OUYA, I thought to myself "Well, this looks pretty decent". I saw that 3T Games was behind it, which although I'd lambasted another of their games, I still remain hopeful that they have or can release something worth playing.

    Sadly, Crystaloid is not what I was looking for. While everything that should be there, is, and it's technically a fair bit better than my Stone Smash, it's just devoid of heart. It's like a sterilized, cookie cutter Arkanoid clone. When there's the likes of Wizorb and Brick Break Blitz already available for the system, you really can't be confident in buying something like this unless you just need every game in the genre.

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