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CSR Racing is a racing game developed and published by NaturalMotion for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android and PC platforms.


In CSR Racing the object is to work up the ranks to be the best racer around. Races are not directly controller like other racing games, instead they are controlled through basic quick time events. At the start of the race the player must hit the gas pedal to start, then while racing prompts will pop up telling the player to shift now. When this prompt pops up, the player must quickly press the shift buttons up or down. There is also a nitro button that can be pressed for a short speed boost.

The goal is to work your way up the ranks though a series of races against various crews. Each tier is incresingly more difficult and requires the player to purchase new vehicles and upgrade to compete.

There is an online component that is unlocked once the player completes tier 3.

In-App Purchases

CSR Racing is free to download, but also contains in-app purchases which are procured with real money. CSR Racing was quite controversial with its in-app purchases, costing upwards of $99 USD.


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