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    Cube World

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jul 02, 2013

    A long-delayed, independently-developed voxel-based exploration RPG.

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    Originally released in an alpha state on July 2, 2013, Cube World is a procedurally-generated voxel-based RPG for PC. Unlike most other voxel-based games, Cube World intentionally lacks sandbox-style building and destruction elements, instead preferring to focus on traditional RPG mechanics such as exploration and combat.

    The game features a character creation system with eight races and four combat classes (Mage, Ranger, Rogue, Warrior) to choose from. After creating a character, the player can play alone or with friends. The procedurally-generated world is populated with different environmental biomes, villages, dungeons, NPCs, and events. Players earn gear as they complete quests and explore dungeons, although earned gear is most useful in the region it is obtained in, with permanent upgrades instead coming from artifacts scattered throughout the world.

    Development Troubles

    Cube World began development in 2011, handled solely by Picroma, a software team comprised of Wolfram (Wollay) von Funck and his wife Sarah. Within a day of the game's alpha release, Cube World was removed from sale on Picroma's website, with Wollay citing server issues caused by launch demand and a supposed DDoS attack. The game briefly returned to sale on July 4, 2013, however it would be removed from sale again by August of the same year, citing more work to be done on the game in anticipation of future releases.

    In the months following, Wollay continued to post semi-frequent updates about features and developments on the game, although no word was given on when the game would return for sale. As time continued and Wollay's updates became more sparse, before stopping entirely from mid-2017 to January 2019. Many had already begun questioning the development of the game and the likelihood of the game seeing a re-release, a sentiment which only solidified after Wollay's apparent disappearance in 2017.

    On September 6, 2019, Wollay announced on Twitter that the game would be releasing on Steam before the end of the year, with alpha owners receiving a free Steam key for the game. The game subsequently released on September 30, 2019, now labelled a beta version. The beta release saw a handful of bug fixes leading up to its launch, however no updates on bug fixes or new game features have been released since. Upon launch, many criticized the game's re-launch for lacking many features promised at the time of the game's alpha release, as well as the introduction of land-bound equipment significantly changing the game's progression system.


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